Delta Tau Delta

Ohio University announced Tuesday it was suspending the fraternity Delta Tau Delta from campus.

Ohio University announced Tuesday that the fraternity Delta Tau Delta was suspended from campus for several violations of the student code of conduct including furnishing alcohol and coerced consumption of substances.

According to a release, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Jenny Hall-Jones notified the fraternity early on Tuesday.

In February 2021, The Columbus Dispatch reported that the Beta chapter of Delta Tau Delta and the Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternities at Ohio University were under investigation on suspicion of breaking the school’s student code of conduct.

This comes as Collin’s Law, a major piece of legislation aimed at combating college hazing, was signed into law by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

Collin Wiant, for whom the bill is named, was an Ohio University student who died in 2018 of asphyxiation from nitrous oxide consumption. The university and Athens County prosecutors alleged Wiant was hazed to the point of death.

In a recent statement, new Ohio University President Hugh Sherman said he does not want to be president where someone dies of a hazing incident, and promised to come down hard on those who violate the code of conduct.

Delta Tau Delta, which returned to Ohio University in the past decade, will be eligible to apply for reinstatement in 2025, the release said. The national organization will need to apply for reinstatement should they wish to return to Ohio University at that time, per Ohio University policy.

Delta Tau Delta was found to be in violation of:

  • Furnishing false information to University officials.
  • Alcohol Beverages Violation: Selling, distributing, or furnishing alcohol.
  • Alcohol Beverages Violation: Furnishing or causing to be furnished/alcohol to intoxicated persons.
  • Alcohol Beverages Violation: Student organizations.
  • Disruptive Conduct: Causing, inciting, or participating in any disturbance.
  • Disruptive Conduct: Failure to Comply
  • Harmful Behavior: reckless but not accidental behavior.
  • Hazing: Coerced Consumption.
  • Violation of University Policy: Interim 44.102/Presidential health directives.

In a statement, the university reaffirmed its commitment to combating hazing.

“Ohio University is committed to a safe and respectful campus environment that aligns with our institutional values of citizenship, civility, character, community, and commitment,” the statement read. “We strive to provide an atmosphere on campus that promotes social and ethical responsibility and we take a thoughtful but active approach when faced with issues that impact student safety and wellbeing.”

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