Athens County EMS

Athens County EMS

Note: This story appears in the Thursday, Oct. 10 newspaper on Page A3.

The contract for the construction of a replacement Athens County Emergency Medical Services station has been awarded.

The contract went to Hoon, Inc., of Athens. The bid documents also note that Hoon intends to use local sub-contractors during the construction process.

This followed a second round of bids for the project, after the first round produced four bids that were over the allowed budget. The total budget for the project has risen over the course of the bid process, finalized at $2.2 million. Optional “alternate deductions” of up to $200,000 were included in the project specifications.

Three bids were received during the last bid opening. Two were over-budget, received from Wolf Creek Contracting and WAI Construction Co.

As The Messenger reported last week, Hoon Inc. bid came in at $2.33 million with an alternate deduction of $121,250.

The commissioners voted for BDT Architects and Designers, which drew up the plans, to create a contract that will include the alternate deductions after the architect pointed out various potential costs the county will incur before the building can be put into use.

This will allow the commissioners to have at least $135,000 for potential costs not outlined in the bid, such as furniture and data systems.

An additional bidding process was held for a solar array to power the station, with the project estimate being $75,000. Third Sun Solar submitted the only bid at $74,668 and was accepted by the commissioners.

This project will move the EMS station from West Union Street to a location off of Kenny Drive.

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