Glouster Revitalization Organization

Glouster Revitalization Organization

The Glouster Revitalization Organization, a 501©(3) non-profit, has purchased 106 High Street, the historic Knight of Pythias Building in downtown Glouster, Ohio.

Using funds from the Ohio Community Development Finance Fund’s Economic Development Grant, the first floor of the building will be renovated into an entrepreneurial food space and incubator and possible co-working venue. The Knights of Pythias building is a three-story building with lots of possibility for a variety of community uses if additional funding is secured.

“We are so thrilled and honored to be part of the community efforts to revitalize downtown Glouster into a thriving, healthy community space,” said Jane Cavarozzi, president of the Glouster Revitalization Organization. “The outreach of support from the community for our first project, Sedalia Park, has been huge and we can’t wait to get started renovating our new building for the benefit of Glouster.”

GRO’s initial project, Sedalia Park, is now a completed open-air event space and park located in the middle of town. This park is available for community use and hosts events uptown like Glouster First Fridays.

GRO is seeking grants and donations from community members to assist with the renovation of the former Knights of Pythias building. Donations can be made at:

Community Members can learn more about GRO’s efforts at:, and can send ideas about the use of the new building by email to:

GRO would like to thank the organizations that have donated funds and expertise for their first two projects: Athens County Foundation, Athens County Community Challenge, Athens County Land Bank, Quidel, Jobs Ohio, Dirty Girl Coffee LLC, Glouster Eagles, Jacksonville Eagles, Bridge Builders, Bricker & Eckler LLC, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services.

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