Polley Field

Nelsonville’s Polley Field is seen in this file photo from earlier in 2019.

A series of projects in Nelsonville that received bids last week appear to be moving forward, with two of the projects awarded to contractors during the Tuesday morning Athens County Commissioners meeting.

The overarching project is to provide upgrades to Polley Field and provide better access to the park for the majority of Nelsonville residents. Nathan Simons, community development manager for Hocking Athens Perry Community Action (HAPCAP) provided a look into last week’s received bids for two parts of the overall project.

Four projects were bid at the Feb. 4 commissioner meeting, but only two received acceptable bids.

The first project will be to provide upgrades on water facilities. This includes installing a larger water line and fire hydrant at Polley Field. Currently, the park has a small water line servicing the concession stand. Four other fire hydrants will also be installed in the proximity.

This portion of the project is estimated at $111,100. Jackson Brothers Construction provided a base bid of $30,950, with an alternate bid for $69,600. The commissioners accepted the base bid to allow for the other funds to be used as a cushion for emergencies.

The other portion that received bids was for sidewalks leading to Polley Field. Nine contractors put in bids for the project, and Simons said the project administrators were able to narrow it down to three top candidates. In the end, the estimated $115,178 project was also awarded to Jackson Brothers Construction, who put in a bid for $102,617.75. This will replace sidewalks on Poplar and Chestnut Street, as well as create a new sidewalk on Second Street.

Simons said John Jackson, owner of Jackson Brothers Construction, would be looking into bidding for the street improvements and sewer facility upgrade portions of the project. Those projects are estimated to cost respectively $39,735 and $32,700.

The total project budget is about $650,000 — $500,000 of that is grant funding, $100,000 is from the city of Nelsonville, and $50,000 is matching allocation funds from the Athens County Commissioners, according to Brooks.

The project grant will be discontinued by the end of August, removing the funding from HAPCAP’s control, so Brooks and the HAPCAP team hope to pick up the pace with the remaining sections of the project.

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