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Hocking College has announced a new degree program focusing on cabinetmaking and architectural millwork following the programs approval by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

The two-year program will give students hands-on education in design, construction and installation of commercial and residential interior architectural woodwork. Students would work in the college’s Wood Lab that houses equipment capable of turning raw log into a finished product.

Students will spend the first program year establishing a foundation in the fundamentals of safety and sustainability, design, construction and installation of cabinetry and millwork followed by a second year focusing on freestanding cabinetry forms.

Stand-alone projects will be incorporated throughout the curriculum in order to test students knowledge and skill.

With the HLC approval, students are able to receive federal aid in order to pay for the program with various scholarships still available through the college.

Chris Hedges, the program manager for the Cabinetmaking and Architectural Millwork program, hopes that the program will “establish Hocking College as a nationally recognized educational program with a mission that focuses on training both the mind and the hand.”

According to a release from the school, students completing this program should be able to pay back the expenses of their education within a year of working in the field. The release further stated that in 2020, the median pay for cabinetmaking was $38,900 per year with an hourly wage of $18.70 an hour.

Data from salary.com puts the median annual income for a cabinetmaker and bench carpenter within the range of $30,664 to $46,417 with the median at $37,386. Hourly wages can vary from $12.78 to $27.15 with a median of $18.05 according to payscale.com.

Anyone who might be interested in Cabinetmaking and Architectural Millwork can contact Hocking College’s admissions team at admissions@hocking.edu or 740-753-7050.

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