Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Carol Simpson, et al, land, Banshee Road, Coolville, to Arnold Neale Spencer Jr., $22,100.

Quinn Schaller, dwelling 9 Atlantic St., Athens, to Brent Ash, $24,447.

Richard and Janet Fauber, dwelling, 14255 Route 550, Athens, to Nigel and Amanda Quinn, $55,000.

Marsha Cluff, apartment, 82 N. Court St., Athens, to Wharton Properties II LLC, $2,050,000.

Terry and Bonita Kipling, land, lot #395 Smoke Rise Subdivision, to Mark Semingson, $1,000.

Marilyn Kay Stanley, aka Kay Stanley, dwelling, 1432 Route 56, New Marshfield, to Jeff Carder and Jeri McLain, $40,000.

Homer O’Nail Jr., dwelling, 15 Ohio Ave., The Plains, to Patricia McKinley, $169,900.

Don McInturf aka D. McInturf and Lynda McInturf, commercial building, 27 S. Court St., Athens, to May Avenue Compound LLC., $375,000.

The Lozykowski Revocable Trust, dwelling, 7350 Whitland Lane, Athens, to Terrance Hogan and Deborah Haas-Hogan, $422,500.

Bank of America, dwelling, 4 S. Town St., Glouster, to Hobert Fitch, $75,000.

Abbie Talbert Losey, dwelling, 196 St. John St., Nelsonville, to Zachary Poling, $65,000.

Richard Duff and Linda Cochran, dwelling, 16339 S. Canaan Rd., Athens, to Jerry and Patricia Pecck, $36,000.

German Ridge LLC., dwelling, 15 S. Shafer St., to Robert Mullin, $80,000.

Myrven and Amy Davis, dwelling, 15201 Kimberly Rd., Nelsonville, to Rick and Christy O’Nail, $167,500.

John and Marilyn Shimko, dwelling, 11820 Rainbow Lake Rd., Athens, to Gilbert Rondy and Rebecca Ross-Rondy, $90,000.

Steven Munn, dwelling, 5794 University Heights Drive, Athens, to Giancarlo Rodriguez, $45,000.

Justin Richards, dwelling, 14 Strathmore Blvd., Athens, to Nancy Smith, $180,000.

Donna Coto, Guardian of the estate of Susan Chesser, dwelling, 5 Ohio Ave., Athens, to Gets Off Campus LLC., $125,000.

Arthur and Sandra Boudinot, dwelling, 16885 Bell Road, Millfield, to $240,000.

Rolla Merriman and Kellie Merriman, dwelling, 5251 Raymar Drive, Athens, to Jayde Shank-Dumm, $220,000.

Kevin and Elizabeth Crow, dwelling, 22376 and 23376 Myles Ridge Rd., Stewart, to Bruner Land Company, Inc., $100,000.

Ashwini Ganeshan, dwelling, 3 Meadow Lane, Athens, to Alexander Sergeev, $178,000.

Frank and Anita Foster Family Revocable Trust, building, 17 Ridgeview Drive, Athens, to Kimberly and John Miller, $20,000.

Timothy Kevin Light, Trustee, dwelling, 6933 Route 144, Coolville, to Brian and Seana Miller, $264,500.

Cody Meeks, dwelling, 1791 Coe-Z Right Rd., Athens, to Gregory Meeks, $90,000.

Daniel Neason, Trustee, building, 6995 Route 329, Guysville, to Donald Wirtshafter, $50,000.

Matthew Brunty, land, new survey of 5.23 acres on Sand Rock Rd., Coolville, Nicholas and Nicole Wires, $4,350.

Kenneth and Rebecca Scott, land, 16345 S. Canaan Rd., Athens, to Richard Duff and Linda Cochran, $25,000.

PDS Sales, Inc., commercial building, 5630 E. Clinton St., Albany, to Robert Sparks and Aaron Offenberger, $650,000.

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