Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Jeffrey Monforton Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, dwelling, 110 E. Washington St., Nelsonville, to Gregory Brown, $270,000.

Constance Thayer-Wolf, Trustee, dwelling, 0 Coulson Ave., Athens, to Adrienne Whitney, $19,850.

George Kridler and Roberta Louise Zwayer, land, 12505 Scatter Ridge Road, Athens, to Serena Popoae, $20,000.

Andrew and Shawna Hyatt, dwelling, 6320 Route 356, New Marshfield, to Kathie Michael, $80,000.

Drydock Coal Co., land, High Street and Water Street, to Alan Sullivan, $11,000.

Matthew Miller, Ashley Russell nka Ashley Miller and Pamela Russell nka Pamela Bentz, dwelling, 2450 Seminary St., Coolville, to June Tanner, $135,000.

Amber Turner nka Amber Cavender, dwelling, 1807 Inman Lane, Stewart, to Rohanne Descy, $91,500.

Steven Bishop and Jane Bishop, land, old Route 33, Nelsonville, to Eric and Suzzane Pistole, $14,000.

Harold Yost III, dwelling, 605 Old Seven Road, Coolville, to Charles Maffin and Kayla Dunfee, $195,000.

Sam Kamp and Chelsea Lamp, dwelling, 29300 Sawyer Run Road, Coolville, to Justin and Whitney Wigal, H&W, $270,000.

Joshua and Melanie Shaulis, dwelling, 136 Dailey Road, Albany, to Brandon King, $180,000.

Daniel and Mary Mansfield, land, 0 Route 50, Guysville, to Scott Miller, $5,000.

Gregory Meeks, dwelling, 112 Mill Street, Athens, to University Rentals, $216,000.

Robert Church, building, 5925 Frost Road, to Brett Reed, $40,000.

Phyllis Mayle, dwelling, 21561 Route 550, Amesville, to Wendell Mayle, $25,000.

Ralph and Catherine Keefer, land, Route 15, Lee Township, to Misty Glover, $15,000.

James Stout, building, Route 125, Coolville, to Shaun Gentner and Ashley Storts, $60,000.

JBH Investments, LLC, land, 122 Acres, Lemaster Road, The Plains, to Agri Soils, LTD, $222,650.

Jeananne Bricker, Mark Sharpe and Tuesdee Sharpe, dwelling, 17 Avon Place, to JCC Properties of Athens, LLC, $139,500.

Doris Conyers, deceased, condominium, 601 Altamonte Drive, Athens, to Michael and Kathy Canterbury, $154,000.

Jaclyn Collins, dwelling, 16 Jefferson St., Nelsonville, to Karan Radebaugh, $59,900.

Jack fox and Hollie Cox fka Hollie Fox, land, 27161 Cincinatti Ridge Road, Coolville, to A. Neale Spencer, $7,000.

Rosanna Bumgardner and life estate of King Kelly, dwelling, 912 Chestnut St., Nelsonville, to Ted Campbell, $62,500.

Diadra Knudson, Donald Nichols Jr. and Treva Nichols, dwelling, to 116664 Channingway Blvd., The Plains, to Phoebe and Andrew Deddens, $170,000.

Nancy Poches, dwelling, 11885 Burr Oak, Glouster, to William Russell and Angela Keaton, $63,000.

Scott Gluck, dwelling, 1 Warwick Lane, Athens, to Jeremy and Ellen Lindauer, $325,500.

Michelle Powell fka Michell Dickerson, dwelling, 14911 Coolville Ridge Rd., Athens, to Jerry Glascock trustee of family trust, $35,000.

Reda Collier, dwelling, 28 Republic Ave., Glouster, to Amanda Watkins, $84,000.

Kenneth Moser, dwelling, 5 Pleasantview Drive, Athens, to Abigail Carter, $225,000.

Gary Schumacher and Kathleen Schumacher, Trustees, dwelling, 12 Roxbury Drive, Athens, to Nichole Campbell, $260,000.

Robert and Kristina Guyton, dwelling, 10 Joneswood Drive, Athens, to Damien Schneider, $180,000.

Blick Apartments LLC, building, 23 Blick Ave., Athens, to 23 Blick Ave. LLC, $360,000.

Patrick Lawson, dwelling, 62 Franklin Ave., Athens, to Panda Girl Properties LLC, $85,000.

Wayne and Joyce Pae, other, 5787 Frost Road, Coolville, to Roger Massey, $24,000.

Sylvia Mickunas, dwelling, 50 Mulligan Road, Athens, to Kelsey Funk, $235,000.

John Lawrentz, land, 2204, 2220 and 2217 Cliffside Road, Coolville, to Billie Jo Walter and Charles Walter Jr., $110,000.

Sonja Hill, dwelling, 25895 Cemetery St., Coolville, to James and Deborah Harris, $135,000.

Clydia Butcher fka Clydia Pittman, dwelling, 13 Hanlin Ave., Athens, to Tessa Stamm and Rita Stamm, $152,000.

Larry Bycofski and Barbara Bycofski fka Barbara Jenson, dwelling, 28 Maple St., Glouster, to Fred Shawhan, $45,000.

James Long, deceased, building, 26885 Ridge Road, Coolville, to Charles and Cassandra Holland, $52,000.

John Sole, land, 8.44 and 6.06 acres on Angel Ridge Rd., Athens, to Jay Hostetler, $227,000.

Harry Walls, land, 0 Long Run Road, Athens, to Katherine and Rodney Harrelson, $58,250.

Terri Fabian, land, Ten Spot Road, Nelsonville, to Joshua and Sheryl Elkins, $48,000.

Stephen and Stacy Crook, dwelling, 5320 Raymar Dr., Albany, to Linda Stamper Trustee, $225,000.

Restoration Christian Fellowship LLC, acreage on Enlow Road, Athens, to GACM Properties LLC, $80,000.

Juanita O’Nail, dwelling, 122 St. Charles St., Nelsonville, to Nicholas Stivison, $136,750.

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