The Fairfield-Athens Major Crimes Task Force was awarded over $145,000 to help aid in the fight against drug trafficking organizations. The award was announced in a press conference held by Governor DeWine and State Senator Hoagland on Monday, Feb. 3.

The grant awarded will be used to help target large-scale drug trafficking organizations trafficking methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl and other drugs that have become a large problem in the South East Ohio area.

In addition to using the funding to target trafficking, Fairfield-Athens Major Crimes Task Force also plan on hosting a statewide conference to highlight the benefits of coupling quick-response programs with drug enforcement.

“In order to see real progress in the fight against addiction and the criminals bringing drugs into our communities, we must redouble our support for law enforcement,” said Hoagland. “These grants will help our local drug tasks forces implement awareness, prevention and recovery efforts.”

The grants are being awarded through the Govenor’s RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund, and are being awarded to 27 drug task forces throughout the state who work to dismantle large-scale drug trafficking organizations. In total $2 million will be granted to the organizations.

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