A U.S. representative that represents a portion of Athens County said Tuesday he plans to object to the results of the presidential election, saying the “election wasn’t fair.”

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-6th, of Marietta, said in a statement Tuesday he intended to join efforts by dozens of Republican lawmakers to object to President-Elect Joe Biden’s certification before Congress on Wednesday.

This was before the unprecedented outbreak of violence and pandemonium at the U.S. Capitol Building, when a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. House Chambers.

Johnson has since condemned the violent behavior by the rioters.

Johnson, whose 18-county district includes parts of Athens County, namely Alexander, acknowledged the objections won’t “change the ultimate outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

“But I was elected to do the right thing for our Constitution and for our nation,” Johnson said. “Simply rubber-stamping these slipshod and partisan-laced electoral outcomes is wrong.”

The move was largely symbolic, but was unable to come to fruition before the halls of civil government were seized by an unruly mob and Congress was forced into lockdown.

Since losing the Nov. 3 election, President Donald Trump has filed dozens of lawsuits in a bid to overturn the results, claiming without evidence the election has been stolen from him, and has been met with little success.

More than 100 other Republicans intended to object to the Electoral College results, including Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Ohio Reps. Warren Davidson, Bob Gibbs and Jim Jordan.

Republican lawmakers that planned to object on Wednesday were focused primarily on Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania – swing states that secured Biden a victory, Reuters reported.

Johnson has since condemned the violent actions of the pro-Trump mob.

“I’m shocked and dismayed by the violence here in the Capitol,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “This is not the way Americans solve our problems.”

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman said on Monday he would not be joining other Ohio Republicans in objecting to the Electoral College

“The Constitution created a system for electing the President through the Electoral College that ensures the people and the states hold the power, not Congress. I cannot support allowing Congress to thwart the will of the voters,” Portman said.

Johnson represents 13 counties fully, including Washington, Jackson and Meigs.

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