Car flipped

A loader is used to flip over a car in Murray City last Saturday, as seen in this screenshot of a video taken of the incident.

Note: This story appears in the Thursday, July 11 newspaper on Page A1.

A Glouster man accused of using a piece of heavy machinery to overturn his ex-girlfriend’s car in Hocking County last Saturday is also facing legal problems in Athens County.

Carl H. Williams III was arrested Saturday after allegedly using a forklift wheel loader on Main Street in Murray City to lift a car onto its side. He was charged with theft of the loader, but the case was dismissed in Hocking County Municipal Court for possible grand jury action in the future.

Williams had already been placed on five years’ community control last January in Athens County on felony convictions for breaking and entering and felonious assault. The sentence by Judge Patrick Lang included an underlying prison term of six years.

On Wednesday, the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office filed a supplemental notice of community control violation alleging nine violations, most of them related to the July 6 incident in Murray City. County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said his office will seek to have the six-year prison sentence imposed.

The alleged violations relating to the Murray City incident are:

  • Inducing panic by stealing the wheel loader from his former employer and flipping over his ex-girlfriend’s car.
  • Breaking and entering onto the property of his former employer after having been fired and told not to be on the property.
  • Theft of the wheel loader, valued at more than $60,000.
  • Aggravated menacing for flipping over the car and striking a truck as he fled in the wheel loader.
  • Vandalism of the car and truck.
  • Consuming moonshine on July 6.

The document also alleges a violation of testing positive July 8 for the use of marijuana, as well as re-alleges prior violations of failing to maintain contact in February with his supervising officer and changing his address in April without permission of his supervising officer.

Murray City residents watched in disbelief Saturday as the car was flipped over, with the incident caught on video. Witnesses told the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office that the loader fled north on Route 216 after the car was tipped onto its side, and told deputies that it then struck another vehicle as it sped away. A witness followed the loader, which pulled into the Murray Timber and Log Co. from where it had been taken. The operator then fled on foot into the wooded area.

Sheriff’s deputies and State Highway Patrol troopers searched for the suspect, identified as Carl H. Williams III, who was quickly apprehended without incident.

A first-stage hearing on the alleged community control violations is scheduled for July 22.

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The Logan Daily News contributed to this report.; Twitter @SteveRmessenger

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