Note: This story appears in the Friday, July 12 newspaper on Page A3.

The Patton College’s Moving with Math and Literacy camp this summer added up to be a learning experience for elementary-aged children and a little help for area shelter dogs.

The weeklong camp involved 13 campers from kindergarten through fifth grade and featured activities that integrated mathematics, literacy, movement and community-building. During the week as part of the camp’s curriculum, the kids set up a lemonade stand to collect money for a charitable organization, resulting in a $180 donation to the Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

The Moving with Math and Literacy camp was developed by Courtney Koestler, director of the Ohio University Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science (OCEMS), and Julie Francis, director of the Stevens Literacy Center (SLC).

“When we first began planning the camp, we started by pulling together a bunch of children’s books that integrated math, literacy, and the real world,” Koestler said. “One of the books happened to be ‘Lemonade for Sale’ by Stuart J. Murphy, and we thought that our campers might like the idea of setting up a lemonade stand.”

The activity was largely camper-led, as the children created advertising signage, determined the roles each child would play at the stand and voted to select the organization that would receive the donated proceeds.

One of the SLC Literacy Center Ambassadors who assisted in the camp, Amanda Tier, said as part of the experience she learned a lot about the children involved.

“The camp included many fun activities and time for exploration,” Tier said, “yet we found that the children craved dedicated time for the fundamentals like quiet, independent reading and number talks where they showed off their skills for problem solving and flexible thinking.”

Friends of the Shelter Dogs (FOSD) is a nonprofit organization that aids dogs in the Athens County Dog Shelter by providing veterinary support for sick and injured dogs, spaying and neutering, rescue operations, and promotion of the adoptable dogs in the shelter.

To culminate the experience, representatives of FOSD — both human and canine — visited the children to receive the donation.

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