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From right: Grace Adkins, Luke Duncan, Cade Stoneman, Hayden Haas and Addison Wright

Sports Journalism and New Media is a new program at Tri-County Career Center and High School. The program provides students a curriculum to learn and practice journalism skills and prepare them for a career in media.

The inaugural class features a group of talented students from various schools in the area. Their career aspirations include being the next Stephen A. Smith, professional athlete, photographer or breaking into the world of film.

Tri-County Career Center and High School serves schools in Athens, Hocking and Perry counties. It’s Sports Journalism and New Media program is in its first year and is instructed by Joe Higgins. Higgins spent 14 years with The Athens Messenger as a sportswriter, news reporter, editor and regional content manager. He also has experience in broadcast and marketing.

Addison Wright

Addison “Addi” Wright, comes to the class with a strong interest in soccer and has dreams of roaming Europe as a professional athlete. The left-mid is an amazing person and currently attends Alexander High School with plans to transfer to Athens High School next year to participate in soccer. Over the summer, she worked in a restaurant in Virginia Beach as a hostess and a server. Addi is looking forward to building upon her writing talents in Sports Journalism and New Media.

Luke Duncan

Another student from the Alexander district, Luke Duncan, is a YouTuber and a behind-the-scenes enthusiast. Originally from West Virginia, Luke moved to Ohio around the age of four. He started his YouTube channel, “Lukeachu,” five years ago and has amassed around 120 videos. He also claims to “watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube.” Luke’s passions are film, television, special effects and prop work. On the side, Luke enjoys lawn care and maintenance.

Grace Adkins

Across the county, from the Trimble district, Grace Adkins is an athlete who participates in track and field and basketball. She also loves to swim and shoot photographs. To keep her energy up, Grace likes to eat chicken and potato wedges and wash it down with a Bang energy drink. In her free time, she likes watching Riverdale on Netflix and also the Dallas Cowboys. Her favorite book is “Maze Runner” and she likes to wear Nike and Champion apparel.

Hayden Haas

Hayden Haas comes to Tri-County from the Athens district. He is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers but also follows the Minnesota Vikings. In baseball, he tracks the Minnesota Twins and in the college ranks, he’s a fan of Ohio State athletics.

Hayden has four dogs at home along with cows and seven chickens.

Cade Stoneman

Cade Stoneman joins the class from the New Lexington district. A fan of James Arthur and The All-American Rejects, Cade is an avid bowler and a fan of the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Falcons and Toronto Raptors. His favorite color is purple, he likes to wear Champion apparel and “shuffleboarding” is his favorite word. Cade has aspirations of being the next Stephen A. Smith.

For more on the program, visit the Sports Journalism section of, search The 360 on social media, or call 740-753-3511.

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