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A six-year prison sentence has been imposed on a Glouster-area man for violating terms of his community control, with several violations stemming from a July 6 incident in Murray City in which he was accused of overturning his ex-girlfriend’s car with a piece of heavy machinery.

Carl Henry Williams III, 26, appeared Monday before Judge Patrick Lang of Athens County Common Pleas Court. County Assistant Prosecutor Glenn Jones asked Lang to impose a six-year underlying prison sentence from a prior conviction. Defense attorney Justin Townley asked for a six-month jail sentence, with release into a community-based correctional facility.

In January, Williams was placed on five years of community control in a 2018 case. The sentence was recommended in a plea deal in which he agreed to plead guilty to felonious assault and breaking and entering. In May, he was accused of violating terms of his community control for failing to maintain contact with his supervising officer and failing to report a change of address. After the July 6 incident in Murray City, prosecutors alleged seven additional violations. Later that month in a court hearing he admitted to the violations.

The violations that are related to Murray City alleged he induced panic by stealing a wheel loader from his former employee, driving through Murray City and ramming his ex-girlfriend’s car, flipping it over, then fleeing in the wheel loader and hitting a pickup truck. He also was accused of drinking alcohol the day of the incident, and of testing positive for marijuana July 8 after his arrest.

In arguing for the six-year prison term, Jones said the pickup truck, in which a woman and her 8- or 9-year-old adopted son were sitting, was totaled in the collision. Jones said it could have been a tragedy if the boy had been sitting in a different location in the pickup truck.

Jones said Williams has a history of being intoxicated and angry.

“His alcohol problem and his anger problem make him a danger to himself and the community,” Jones said.

Jones showed Lang a video of the Murray City incident and a photo of the damaged pickup truck.

Lang also heard a victim impact statement from Ronald Wright, the victim in the 2018 felonious assault case. Wright said he is a neighbor of Williams and on the day of the assault he had seen Williams outside, and Williams appeared upset and shook his finger at Wright. Later, Wright went outside and saw Williams kneeling next to the tire of a vehicle in Wright’s driveway. Wright told Lang that when he asked Williams what he was doing, he was attacked.

“He knocked me cold as a cucumber,” Wright said.

The breaking and entering charge related to Williams going onto Wright’s property, where the felonious assault occurred.

Townley argued that going into a community-based correctional facility program would allow Williams to get help for this substance abuse and mental health issues.

“Sending him to prison would only exacerbate the problem...,” Townley said.

Townley noted that authorities in Hocking County have charged Williams with two misdemeanors — unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and criminal damaging — in connection with the Murray City incident and not with a felony. The online docket of Hocking County Municipal Court indicates that Williams is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 28 on the misdemeanor charges.

Townley said the mother and son were not injured in the collision with the pickup truck.

Williams told Lang he was sorry for his actions.

“I know what I did was wrong, and there is no excuse for what I’ve done,” Williams said. “There is nothing I can do except to say I am sorry.”

After his release from prison, Williams will be subject to three years of post-release control.; Twitter @SteveRmessenger

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