Athens County has a new option for locally sourced Sunday brunch.

Purple Wolf, run by Chris Monday, is now serving brunch on Sundays out of the Rickshaw Thai location in the Eclipse Company Town (Jackson Drive in The Plains).

Monday said he was discussing some menu ideas he had with Jason Kopelwitz, who co-owns Rickshaw Thai and Fluff Bakery with his wife Jessica. He said that Kopelwitz liked his ideas and decided to lend him Rickshaw’s space to offer brunch on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“I had been wanting to figure out a way to get brunch out there, but I didn’t have the time and energy,” Kopelwitz said. “He’s cooked elsewhere at lots of places. We talked about this menu that has formed in his mind over a period of time. I told him I was looking for someone to do a brunch out there, but just needed someone to do the work.”

According to Kopelwitz, the first week of Purple Wolf brunch went well and continued from there. Brunch has been served at the location for about a month now.

“It was an experiment that went well that has turned into a weekly thing,” Kopelwitz said.

Monday said his brunch menu utilizes as many local ingredients as possible.

“I try to take those good foods and turn them into healthy meals,” Monday said.

Although there are some slight tweaks to the menu each week, one of the staple items include Wingnuttery hickory flapjacks made from hickory nuts from The Wingnuttery in Athens and a bit of sweet potato. Purple Wolf’s sausage and plantains is another popular menu item, according to Monday.

Monday said he always fantasized about serving food in the Eclipse Company Town. He said he enjoyed frequenting Jana’s Soul Food when it was located in the former mining town.

“It’s so peaceful,” he said.

Monday said that he accepts reservations for brunch, but that many of his customers are walk-ins. He said he also promotes a family-friendly atmosphere where children are free to walk about the restaurant.

“I really want it to become a place where people can bring their kids and not feel the anxiety of dining out with kids,” he said of the casual atmosphere.

In fact, Monday’s daughter helps in the restaurant and named the business. Monday said he was talking to Ed Fisher, owner of Purple Chopstix on Richland Avenue, about the name for his restaurant. Fisher’s daughter was 5 when the restaurant opened and he asked her what the name should be. The answer was Purple Chopstix.

Monday said he asked own 5-1/2-year-old daughter Mabel to name his brunch business and she chose Purple Wolf because of her fascination with wolves.

Purple Wolf/Rickshaw Thai is located at 11309 Jackson Drive, The Plains. For information, visit The Purple Wolf’s Facebook page or call Monday at 707-0797.; Twitter @SaraBmessenger.

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