Note: This story appears in the Wednesday, Nov. 27 newspaper on Page A1.

NELSONVILLE — Antique seekers and those who are on a quest for unique household items, heads up: a new store just off of Nelsonville’s Public Square could be calling your name.

The Pyrple Tyrtle, named by two of store owner Debbie Cochran’s granddaughters, is located at 49 W. Washington Street — across from the Quilt Shop — and is full of upcycled items that Cochran has curated for her store.

Cochran says her approach to curating her store items is finding “unique, one of a kind things” that catch her eye. Sometimes she changes them — adding new paint to things like shelves, breathing new life into older objects. Some are decorative, such as figurines, but others are staple household items, just with an added personality and flair.

“Everything is pretty much one of a kind, just weird,” Cochran said. “A lot of stuff is priced to sell — but it has been called a boutique. For the most part, everything is like I find it. Things that can find a new life somewhere else.”

This isn’t Cochran’s first business, as she helped run a construction business for a time, as well as her own antique store. The Pyrple Tyrtle is her fifth business, and it appears to be well recieved. She credits it in part for her location across from the Quilt Shop, which draws visitors from near and far. One gentleman from Los Angelos stopped in and told Cochran that her store would fit in back in his home city.

“I mean yes, these are used, but they can still find a beautiful life somewhere else,” she said. “I just have various things, like this statue in the window — my mom calls them the chocolate lovers — and it’s just kind of weird and unique.”

Cochran had initially planned to open her store the first weekend in October, but the date was pushed back to Nov. 9. Now that she’s open, the feedback she’s received has been “really good.”

“I’ve had a lot of people in, I’ve had a lot of sales,” she said. “I’m really tickled. But at the same time, I have a lot more inventory. I add new things every day.”

Cochran’s granddaughters have been helping in the store, as they are too young for school, and helped name the store. Cochran gave the two cousins a list of colors and a list of animals, and let them decide from there.

“This process went on for at least a month, maybe longer,” she said. “For a while it was the Pink Alligator, and I just thought, ‘Oh no.’”

The girls, Zarah Tedrow and Paisley Lanham, have been an active part of the store since then.

“It’s really worked out well,” Cochran said.

Currently, the Pyrple Tyrtle is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, but Cochran hopes to expand hours if there is enough interest.

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