A roof-mounted solar array has been donated by Ohio’s Third Sun Solar to be placed at the Chauncey-Dover Community Park trailhead of the Baileys Trail System project this winter.

The company partnered with the Village of Chauncey and the Baileys Trail System to provide clean energy to the trailhead. The solar system will be installed on the rooftop of the restroom facility and is set to begin next January. The addition of a solar array to the restroom facility will reduce the Village’s utility costs for the next two decades or more.

“As a company committed to the flourishing of our community, we are proud to support this groundbreaking trail project, “ said CEO and co-founder, Geoff Greenfield says. “We believe that partnering with the Baileys Trail System in this way will not just reduce the overhead costs for the Village of Chauncey but will help the Baileys Trail System advance their mission of bringing sustainable economic development to the Southeast Ohio Region.”

Amy Renner, mayor of The Village of Chauncey, expressed gratitude for the donation, stating, “It’s important to us while repurposing the land for recreational use that it be done in a sustainable and responsible manner including adopting a zero waste event policy, so the implementation of solar energy is a great addition to our vision.”

Last year, Third Sun Solar partnered with local nonprofit Women for Recovery, installing a 22 panel, 7.4kW ground-mounted solar array at the Serenity Grove home in Athens, Ohio.

“Part of our responsibility as a certified B Corp is to actively seek ways to provide social and environmental support to our community,” Greenfield said. “Providing education about the untapped resources our region has to offer (the sun!) to visitors from across the Midwest and beyond is a great fit for our mission-driven company, and our team is looking forward to it.”

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