Mechem's Shoes

From the Thursday morning, Feb. 15, 1900 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– A note of local curiosity was shared on the front page. A local resident, Mrs. H.H. Wickham, regularly received a newspaper from Durban, Natal, South Africa. The newspaper, “The Natal Mercury,” was sent to Mrs. Wickham by her cousin, Miles Chrisholm who, was “driven out of Johannesburg when the Boer-British war began.” The weekly newspaper took around 30 days to travel from South Africa to Athens.

– An explosion at Ohio University badly burned electrical department student, Will Biddison. His face and hands were painfully burned. The explosion occurred while Biddison and another student were attempting to install new equipment.

– An ad for “Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People” promised to increase the “red corpuscles in the blood and thereby give it new life and richness.”

From the Friday, Feb. 20, 1920 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– During the month of January, Ohio postmasters conducted a War Saving driver. Three postoffices in Ohio totaled a sale of $2,000,000 worth of treasury saving certificates. “Through the efforts of James Sharp, local postmaster, Nelsonville leads all second class postoffices with a sale of $34,200 worth of treasury certificates.”

– An update regarding the health of Glouster residents ran under local news, as there had been numerous cases of flu within the city. Few families in Glouster missed the disease and several families were entirely afflicted at the same time.

– Advertising, The Carpenter Hardware Co. in Nelsonville offered free demonstrations of tool grinders and stones. Residents were offered free sharpening of axes, knives, scythes, scissors and more.

From the Friday, Feb. 18 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Five Spanish-American War veterans were guests of honor at the second in a series of dinner meetings at the Nelsonville Post 3467 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Honored guests were C.E. Scott, L.R. Kelch, James Smith, James Mann, and William Horn.

– 100 teachers were sought in Logan for the 1950-51 school year. Only women up to 50 years of age were eligible for the positions. Pay was $2,400 per year with increases of up to $4,350 per year.

– Mechem’s Shoes Nelsonville had girls saddle shoes for $6.95.

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