1900 Ad

This advertisement appeared in the Thursday, Nov. 19, 1900 edition of the Athens Messenger.

From the Thursday, Nov. 19, 1868 edition of the Athens Messenger:

- “Grand doings at Nelsonville,” proclaimed an article in the local column of the paper. The article detailed the goings on of a celebration regarding the election of Democratic party members held Sunday, Nov. 13. “I cannot describe the beauty, abundance and elegance of the repast,” stated the article. “’Let us have peace,’ and ‘U.S. Grant’ was the tri-colored motto, with other beautiful ornamentation and devices of a cake.”

- The Hon. W. R. Golden was the subject of a full article detailing his life, as he was preparing to move from Athens to Columbus to continue practicing law.

- “Lost!” proclaimed a notice in the local section. “Somewhere in the village of Athens while selling meat last Tuesday, $65, consisting of a $50, $10 and a $5 National Currency Note.” The ad promised a “liberal” reward to the finder from the hapless Wesley Deweese, who had lost the currency.

- In advertising, Mrs. M. Bowden was selling fall and winter millinery goods, as well as the latest styles of bonnets, ladies and misses hats (trimmed and untrimmed), and a “handsome variety of french flowers and feathers.”

From the Thursday, Nov. 22, 1900 edition of the Athens Messenger and Herald:

- The creation of a traveling library was underway by the Athens Teachers Union. The library was through a statewide program, and would have provided 25-50 books to be rotated among the Athens school district. The article encouraged other districts to apply for the book program.

- A rural mail route had finally been established “along the Albany road to the Margaret’s creek bridge at Fisher station, then south passing the residence of John Biddle and bearing west to Hebbardville, thence through the Baker Settlement and back to Athens on the Athens and Marshfield Road.” Anyone wishing to receive mail on the route was asked to provide a mail box. “The postage rate will be the same as usual excepting the ‘drop letters’ which will require a two cent stamp instead of one,” the article noted.

- “What shall we have for dessert?” questioned an advertisement. The ad went on to tell the reader that Jell-O, “a delicious dessert,” could be prepared in two minutes with no baking — the flavors available were Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry, all for 10 cents each.

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