From the Sunday, July 9, 1989 edition of The Sunday Athens Messenger:

  • Murray City 12-year-old Debra Rankin had a chance to be “sheriff for a day.” Rankin’s name was randomly selected from participants of a crime prevention poster contest. She was sworn-in by Judge Alan Goldsberry and wore a “badge” all day. She told THe Messenger her biggest surprise was the county jail had no bars like on TV. She had her “mug shot” taken, and jail personnel played a brief practical joke by pretending she was an actual prisoner. She took home a souvenir plaque from Sheriff John Hicks.
  • A new beauty salon, Thomas’s Hair Studio, opened at 639 W. Washington St., Nelsonville. The owner was Thomas Foughty.

From the July 9, 1939 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

  • Letters of congratulations from President Franklin D. Roosevelt were mailed to three area couples for their golden wedding anniversaries — Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Robinson, James Burt and Abram Williams. (It was customary for the time that newspapers, along with the president, addressed women by their husband’s names.)
  • In advertising, Gallaher’s at 16 S. Court St., Athens offered electric oscillating fans for $3.95-$4.95 apiece with a one-year warrantee. Jimmy John’s is located there now.
  • Piano owners were urged to tune their instruments twice per year with the help of Summers & Son, a business located in the Cline Building (the corner of Court and State streets).
  • In sports, 11 Athens-area golfers headed to Cambridge for the annual Southeast Ohio Golf Tournament. They were: Rich Rutkoski, B.T. Grover, Fred Hussey, Johnny Algeo, Joe Sciple, George Rutkoski, Eddie Chubb, Dr. A.K. Buell, Dick McKinstry, Bob Gardner, Art McPherson.
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