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This story appears in the Tuesday, Oct. 15 newspaper on Page A1.

Note: The Messenger sent out questionnaires last month to all candidates running for a contested township trustee or township fiscal officer race. Each of these townships has one seat, unless otherwise stated.

We will publish answers from the Ames Twp. Trustee and Lee Twp. Fiscal Officer candidates today; the Rome and York Twp. Trustee candidates on Wednesday; and the Troy Twp. Trustee candidates on Thursday.

All trustee candidates, regardless of township, were asked these three questions:

1. What skills and experience do you have that make you a good candidate for township trustee?

2. What is a specific issue or concern facing your township in 2019, and what will you do (if elected) to help?

3. What ideas would you bring to the job to improve life in the township?

Some answers have been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

Ames Twp. Trustee, Term commencing Jan. 1, 2020 — Kevin Brown, Lyle Fuller, Mark Jordan and Gary Richards

Kevin Brown

1. I travel the roads nearly every day south of Route 550 and maintain my section of County Road 34 (Dutch Creek). I have also repaired many driveways and parking lots for private and commercial use. I’ve built many miles of trail with proper drainage and erosion concerns in mind. I have also organized and helped organize many events and banquets.

2. Our road safety is my biggest concern. Maintenance is crucial. I would like to see improved internet service for our rural residents, as well as phone service. I will locate and work with people who specialize in this field.

3. Again, phone service and internet. I enjoy working with people and finding solutions to problems. I have deep roots in Ames Twp. and have decided its time to give back.

Lyle Fuller

1. I can operate and repair any piece of equipment the township owns. I bring six years of experience in road maintenance as well as four years of trustee experience to the table. I have worked with FEMA and contractors to help attain federal funds available through grants and emergency relief to repair slips in the township.

2. At this point the township will be without a fiscal officer as of March 2020. If elected, I will work closely with the other trustees and our existing fiscal officer to do whatever I possibly can to assist.

3. I would bring the idea that we should all be proactive in watching for potential hazards and taking action to prevent them. With all the dead ash trees I feel it is important to identify the trees that are most likely to fall and cut them before they cause an accident. I also am of the belief that it is important to listen to all concerns and ideas of the community members and take action when possible and practical.

Mark Jordan

Did not respond.

Gary Richards

Did not respond.

Ames Twp. Trustee, unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2021 — Brian Hines, Brent Kasler

Brian Hines

Did not respond.

Brent Kasler

1. I am an employee at the Athens County Engineering Department, where I perform road maintenance on a daily bases. I was recently appointed to be an Ames Twp. Trustee when a seat in the township was vacated. I have been working well with the other two current trustees and the employees to make Ames Twp. a safer place to travel and live.

2. One issue facing our township is that we have two new employees with no road maintenance experience. If elected I will continue to help train the new employees. They are doing a great job and want to learn more about roadway maintenance.

3. I bring many ideas to the township when it comes to roadway maintenance. I would like to design a plan to level and chip seal roads with the new gas tax. I would also like to make a more efficient plan for snow and ice control for the winter months and work on roadway drainage to try and prevent new landslides.

* * *

To the two fiscal officer candidates, we asked these questions:

1. What skills and experience do you have that make you a good candidate for township fiscal officer?

2. What ideas would you bring to the job to improve life/the fiscal health of the township?

Lee Twp. Fiscal Officer — Roger Bail, Carolee King

Roger Bail

1. I have worked and kept public meeting records, employment records and financial records for over 18 years for both the City of Athens and the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District. For 13 of those years I have also been in charge of both the accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions and records. I have now worked in public service for over 29 years, since 1990.

In addition, I was the Athens County Fair records secretary for two years and then treasurer (fiscal agent) for two more years, from 2001 to 2005.

2. My experience and background would be an asset to Lee Twp. I would be timely and accurate in keeping public records; paying township bills; depositing receipts; and complying with state and local regulations. In the past, I have had records kept by myself audited by the state of Ohio’s independent public accounts every two years.

I will work with the Lee Twp. Trustees to bring timely and responsible services to our township; maintain accurate, precise records; and be a good steward of the township’s resources.

Carolee King

1. I am a lifetime resident of the Alexander Community, currently residing in Lee Twp. which has been my home for the past 25 years.

I’m a graduate of Alexander High School and served as president of the local Alexander FFA chapter for two years, gaining knowledge of proper conduction of meetings, importance of time management, records accuracy, and maintaining professionalism and cooperation. Also, I’m an active past 4-H member participating in a wide variety of activities, holding numerous offices and serving on several committees. I’m a past active leader with the Albany Independent Fair, serving as a Jr. Fair Board Advisor and royalty coordinator.

I have an associate’s degree in health information records management, specializing in medical coding, billing and reimbursement, and have over a decade of work experience in medical and public records management, ethics law, privacy and confidentiality.

I am currently employed by Alexander Local Schools in the nutrition department where I have been able to play a major role in the newly-implemented free breakfast program. I am also employed by Ohio University as the Alexander High School site coordinator for the Kids on Campus after school program. I am local and proud to be a part of this community.

2. As a fiscal officer candidate, I am most interested in working together and supporting our wonderful little community as a whole. I want to be alert and attentive to the needs of the township trustees, township garage employees, village council, fire and police departments and their families.

I’m looking forward to exploring, researching and implementing grant opportunities and seeking all available resources to determine the best interests of the residents of Lee Twp.

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