Tri-County student, Corbin Lowry

Corbin, a Tri-County student, was injured following a fall in his power line class on Nov. 12.

A student at the Tri-County Career Center was hospitalized following a 40 foot fall in his power line class last week, and a fundraiser aims to help the family with medical costs.

As a result of the Nov. 12 accident, Corbin, 16, sustained injuries to his wrist and back, as well as a collapsed lung, according to his uncle, Jerry Martin Jr. Corbin has undergone two surgeries, including to have pins and a steel rod put in his back. Martin said the surgeries have gone “great.”

“It’s been hard for me and really hard for his mom,” Martin said. “He’s like my own kid, and when I first heard about it, I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried about him. He’s a great kid. I think he’s one of the greatest. He’s very friendly, and he loves to talk to a lot of people.”

Corbin’s mother, Crystal Lowry, said Corbin is recovering well.

“He’s doing really well — he can walk, and everything’s going great,” Lowry said.

Lowry added that nobody is to blame for the accident.

“We all take precautions, and Tri-County goes by guidelines just the same as everybody else. It was just an accident, and nobody is to blame,” Lowry said. “Corbin loves the program. He can’t wait to get back, and Tri-County is a great school for learning.”

Corbin is studying to become an electrician, Martin said.

Tri-County Career Center Superintendent Connie Altier declined to share details about the incident as the situation remains under investigation and the administration has not yet had the chance to speak with Corbin.

Altier said safety practices are in place to avoid these kinds of accidents. For instance, students are required to complete an Occupational Safety and Health Administration certification course, and students receive safety instruction prior to every lab.

Altier said the school would evaluate its safety protocols and standards in light of Corbin’s accident, but added that the incident was handled well.

“I feel like we handled it the best we could at the time, and we’ll assess it moving forward,” Altier said.

Martin, who also attended Tri-County, said there is inherent risk in electrical work.

“That kind of work is a dangerous job to do. They go out and put their life on the line so everybody else can have power,” Martin said.

A fundraiser was set up by Tiffany Lyons, a friend of the family, to help with Corbin’s medical costs. In addition to bills related to Corbin’s surgeries and hospital costs, Martin said the fundraiser will also support the family with costs related to Corbin’s air ambulance to the hospital.

“I know we don’t have that kind of money,” Martin said.

Lyons said the fundraiser will help support the family while Corbin is unable to work or attend school, and through ongoing travel back and forth from Columbus for hospital visits. Lyons said she was motivated to start the fundraiser because she is close to Corbin’s family, and the family has supported her in the past.

“The family is very supportive, they would help somebody else in need,” Lyons said. “When my brother passed away in April they were by my side the whole time.”

The fundraiser, titled ‘Corbin accident help’ on GoFundMe, encourages donations of any amount to help with Corbin’s recovery.

Lyons added that Corbin is excited to continue pursuing electrical work.

“Corbin is a very outgoing kid and he’s ready to climb the pole again,” Lyons said. “It didn’t faze him one bit. He’s ready to break free out of the hospital.”

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