LOGAN — On Monday, Nov. 16, law enforcement agencies of Hocking and Vinton Counties collaborated in the arresting of several individuals who were wanted for active warrants in Hocking County as well as neighboring communities.

Hocking County Sheriff’s Office deputies as well as deputies with the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office found the location of several individuals who had active arrest warrants. The collaboration of law enforcement agencies found their location on Nov. 16 in New Plymouth at a residence along state Route 328.

According to the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, detectives obtained information that Ronald Preece was at the residence. The entity reported that he had a warrant for failure to register as a sex offender.

Several individuals were arrested at the residence for various types of arrest warrants. Preece, 41, of Logan, was arrested for three warrants involving failing to register as a sex offender from the Hocking County Common Pleas Court.

David Lunsford, 48, of New Plymouth, was arrested for four warrants involving failing to appear in Hocking County Common Pleas Court, failing to appear for driving under suspension in Perry County Common Pleas Court and possession of heroin in Athens County Common Pleas Court.

Jessica Christa, 38, of New Plymouth, was arrest for three warrants from Athens County Common Pleas Court for two counts of aggravated possession of drugs, a felony in the fifth degree and one count of possession of drugs, a felony in the fifth degree.

Darold Thacker, 53, of New Plymouth, was arrested for one warrant in Vinton County for a probation violation and an original charge for operating a vehicle impaired.

Jason Newsome, 47, of Haydenville, was arrested for one warrant from Perry County. The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office stated that Newsome failed to report for a prison sentence after a probation violation for an original charge of trafficking in drugs.

Rebecca Moore, 30, of Nelsonville, was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. Moor was previously arrested by the local sheriff’s office for obstructing justice on Oct. 23, 2020 when Moore was discovered to have been hiding Preece.

The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office reported that Preece and Lunsford were transported by deputies to the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail.

Christa was turned over to the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office. Newsome was also turned over to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. Vinton County Sheriff’s Office took custody of Thacker from the scene. Moore was released from the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail due to a lack of bed space.


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