Note: This story appears in the Friday, Nov. 30 newspaper on Page A3.

Two roads in Athens “sprouted” speed bumps late this fall, raising questions of where they came from and why they were implemented.

The city placed speed bumps on two roads: South May and Columbia Avenues.

According to Andrew Daugherty, the city’s assistant director of engineering and public works, the speed bumps were put out when paving was done late this fall to curb speeding in the area, which he says has worked.

He noted that when the city decided to redo portions of East State Street this summer, officials knew there would be a certain amount of traffic that would cut through east side neighborhoods. One of the more direct routes was via South May Avenue, and so the city worked with the Athens Police Department to implement the speed bumps.

“It just made sense to put them out,” he said.

Daugherty said that he doesn’t know if the speed bumps will remain permanent. There have been conversations, he said, on whether to keep or remove them once the East State Street project is completed and traffic patterns return to normal.

“We’ve had great feedback from residents,” he said. “Speeding has been deterred, and we’re receiving more positive than negative feedback.”

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