Bike Path Bridge

Pictured is the Columbus Road bike path bridge underwater on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

Athens County High Water report, as of 12:15 p.m. Feb. 13:

  • County Road 4 (Glen Ebon Road), between Route 33 and Route 691 (closed)
  • County Road 24 (Harmony Road), between Terrell Road and County Road 24 A (restricted)
  • County Road 24 (South Canaan Road), between County Road 24 A and Mansfield Road (restricted)
  • County Road 27 (Millfield Road), between West Street and County Road 93 (Main Road) (restricted)
  • County Road 31 (Oakdale Road), between Moore Road and Waterworks Hill (restricted)
  • County Road 34 (Dutch Creek Road), between Route 690 and Pete Smith Road (closed)
  • County Road 58 (Frost Road), between Smith Road and Frost Road (closed)
  • County Road 59 (Four Mile Road), between Route 144 and Ridge Road (closed)
  • County Road 93 (True Town Road), between Oregon Road and Route 685 (closed)
  • County Road 109 (Beebe Road), between Athens County Line and 22696 Beebe Road (closed)
  • Route 13, between Route 550 and Route 682 (closed)
  • Route 13, between Route 329 and Route 78 (restricted)
  • Route 56, between Vinton County line and Athens Corporation limit (closed)
  • Route 144, between Route 50 and Route 329 (closed)
  • Route 329, between Route 50 and Route 144 (closed)
  • Route 356, between Route 681 and Route 56 (closed)
  • Route 682, between Route 33 and Route 13 (closed)

This information is provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Athens County Engineer's Office.

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