Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Scott H. McKee and Brenda K. McKee, dwelling, 831 Walnut St., Nelsonville, to John C. Cullison, $72,500.

Teresa Hauser, dwelling, 6393 Radford Rd., Athens, to Audrey M. Lake and Jocelyn C. Johnson, $228,000.

Stephen F. Grissett, land, 5101 Washington Road, Albany, to Kirsten T. Sharp, $105,000.

Billie J. Beltz aka Billie Jo Beltz, dwelling, 7330 Bethany Ridge Rd., Guysville, to M. Kevin Morris II and Jeannette B. Morris, $60,000.

Jonathan Sowash, Executor of the Estate of Patricia A. Grean, dwelling, 14 McGuffey Lane, Athens, to Teresa H. Rapp, $168,000.

Estate of Roger G. Brown, dwelling, 375 Pugh Rd., Albany, to Paul E. Hoover, II and Sarah L. Hoover, $38,000.

Dane McCarthy, dwelling, 257 Grosvenor St, Athens, to Jarold A. Kuhn and Joanna R. Kuhn, $148,000.

Thomas L. Zimmerman, land, Dowler Ridge Rd., New Marshfield, to Jonathan E. McKee, $15,000.

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