Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Brad Jageman, dwelling, 4984 Alton St., Albany, to Courtney Jones, $209,000.

The Ann O. Grover Trust, 125 Longview Heights Road, Athens, to Benjamin Bates and Elizabeth Morley, $375,000.

William Azbell and Retha Azbell, dwelling, 20 Maple St., Glouster, to Sheila Knott and John Knott Sr., $53,000.

The Ransom Revocable Living Trust, preservation, 48.687 acres off of Peach Ridge Road, Athens, to The Athens Conservancy, $85,000.

Joyce Fannin, 3423 S. Rodehaver Road, Guysville, to Nancy Pierce, $55,000.

Collen Carow, dwelling, 64 Morris Ave., to Mathew Felton and Courtney Koestler, $317,000.

William Maxson and Monique Maxson, 299959 Murphy Road, Coolville, to David Wilfong and Beverly Wilfong, $30,000.

Montle LLC, dwelling, 124 N. Lancaster St., Athens, to Pinnacle Legacy Holdings, LLC, $117,000.

The Chiki Keystone Preservation Trust, dwelling, 529 Adena Drive, The Plains, to Andrew Chiki and Julie Chiki, $235,000.

Britnee Diann Sauters and Isaac Bradford, dwelling, 16170 Canaanville Road, Athens, to Jordan Whitlatch, $148,000.

Eric Gunn, dwelling, 115 Franklin Ave., Athens, to Outdoor Nerd Properties LLC, $134,000.

ME II Inc., 3430 Old Route 33, Athens, to Elizabeth Bobo, $1,000.

Mildred Sapp, Ruth Ann Pratt, Sharon McCombs, Fisher Road, to Corbett Caudill Chipping Inc., $115,000.

White Oak Holdings Ltd., dwelling, 2 and 4 Dalton Ave., Athens, to Athens Restoration Ltd., $125,000.

184 Columbus Road Ltd., real estate, 184 Columbus Road, Athens, to Dirty Dawg Express Wash LLC, $212,500.

Rachel Turner, Danny Turner and Brenda Turner, dwelling, 3083 Marshfield Road, Albany, to Kenneth Ferguson and Sue Ferguson, $42,000.

Judy Denny, dwelling, 17561 Truetown Road, Millfield, to Woodland Renewal Society LLC., $28,800.

Zachary Bowens, dwelling, 100 Fort St., Nelsonville, to Andrew DePalma, $181,500.

Anita Jordan (private selling officer, Shaughn Daily), 34 Briarwood Drive, Athens, to Athens Flag Properties LLC, $61,171.

Kathryn Fox, dwelling, 106 Fayette St., Nelsonville, to Molly Prudenti St. Clair, $93,000.

Brenda Hopper, manufactured home, 11485 Grass Run Road, New Marshfield, to Tammy Ball, $130,000.

ABR Properties LLC, 18.225 acres off of Dixon Road, Coolville, to Elizabeth Jones, $45,000.

Melvin Durand, Mary Manusos and trustees of The Manusos and Durand Family Revocable Living Trust, dwelling, 58 Fairview Ave., Athens, to Timothy Seidel and Allison Seidel, $257,000.

Ralph Hartman, dwelling, 17 Whispering Pine Drive, The Plains, to David and Lisa Roback, $296,000.

Carolyn Hundell, dwelling, 6945 Short St., Albany, to Sarah Pelikan, $54,000.

James Schaus and Priscilla Schaus, dwelling, 8 Maple Grove Way, Athens, to Thomas Feery and Sylvia Mickunas, $137,110.

Athens 1st LLC, dwelling, 137 Grosvenor St., Athens, to Keith Baum, $40,120.

Hocking Valley Bank, dwelling, 1060 Fisher Road, Athens, to Tyler Willoughby and Kara Willoughby, $22,500.

Molly Thatcher, dwelling, 15875 Millfield Road, Millfield, to Andrew Franz, $33,000.

Bradley Sayre, 4.47 acre lot on Carter Road, Glouster, to Scott Joyce and Sara Joyce, $6,500.

Svitlana Kalinichenko, dwelling, 8694 Terrell Road, Athens, to Sean Patrick Foley, $69,000.

William and Carolyn Evans, 16893 Willow Creek, Guysville, to Kenneth Brandt and Richard Huff Jr., $180,000.

William Elmore and Patricia Elmore, dwelling, 7788 Country Club Road, Athens, to Clifford Caughey, Sr. and LuAnne Caughey, $244,000.

Patrick Lawson, dwelling, 51 Madison Ave., Athens, to Umbrella of Athens LLC, $168,000.

Debra Kay Mingus, dwelling, 12 E. Main St., Jacksonville, to Denise Marie Henry and David Henry, $16,730.

Steve Calendine, trustee of the Calendine Irrevocable Gifting Trust, dwelling, 1 Troy St., Athens, to Thomas Boyle, $160,000.

The Gupta-Agrawal Revocable Living Trust, dwelling, 7650 Rosemary Lane, Athens, to the Kyle J. Mishne Revocable Trust, $528,000.

Joshua McWilliams, dwelling, 8 Town St., Glouster, to Seth Bostick, $86,000.

Linda Suzanne Fuller, Patsy Diane Dearing, Richard Dean Whiteside and Carol Jean Adelsberger, dwelling, 70 Ohio Ave., The Plains, to Corey Shafer and Adrianna Sanchez-Shafer, $151,900.

Mark Steven Stickel and Joanne Rush Stickel, 10547 Route 550, Athens, to Phil Koska and Brittany Koska, $97,000.

Bryon Graf II and Daniel Hammel Jr., dwelling, 570 Frederick St., Nelsonville, to Tim Teale and Betsy Teale, $20,000.

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