Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Marlin Gainer, land, 58 acres on Deep Hollow Road, Coolville, to Jacob Hunt, $36,000.

Rebecca Wood, land, 14166 Kincade Rd., Athens, to William Fanning, $40,000.

Mary Ellen Britton, dwelling, 18051 Brozak Rd., Stewart, to John Brozak, $90,000.

Joyce Cagg and Janet Cradlebaugh, dwelling, 211 Frank St., Nelsonville, to MAD Buckeye Investments, LLC, $27,900.

The Standall Family Trust, dwelling, 617 Walnut St., Nelsonville, to Alicia Lawhorn, $35,000.

Tim Johansen and Leta Johansen, dwelling, 17 Briarwood Dr., Athens, to Albert Rouzie and Mara Holt, $235,000.

Kathy Hanning, dwelling, 4405 Perry Ridge Rd., Nelsonville, to Freedom Mortage Corporation, $43,334.

Eric Brannon, land, 4768 Enlow Rd., Athens, to Kaitlyn Hixson and Richard Hixson, $70,000.

Christopher Eaton, dwelling, 214 W. State St., Athens, to Alyse Carter Schultz and Adam Schultz, $116,039.

James Nicholson, dwelling, 10803 Oxley Rd., Athens, to Robert Sickels, $125,000.

Jerry Hallowell, dwelling, 21020 Oakdale Rd., Glouster, to Tamera and Larry Hashman, Jr., $9,450.

LaMar Wyse and Karon Wyse, dwelling, 70 White Rd., Nelsonville, to Jesus Leon and Kelly Leon-Moll, $269,000.

Kelton Jago, Trustee of the Jago Irrevocable Gifting Trust, land, 24.81 acres on Jago Valley Road, Amesville, to Heather King, $25,000.

John Hansen and Tracy Hansen, dwelling, 5550 Pleasant Hill Rd., Athens, to Anne Drogula and Fred Drogula, $46,000.

Jean Carsey, land, 16323 S. Canaan Rd., Athens, to W. Leo Carsey, $3,200.

Leo’s Properties LTD, commercial building, 3634 Washington Rd., Albany, to Redbud International Hardwoods LLC, $145,000.

Kaitlyn Hixson and Karen Follrod, dwelling, 1105 Carpenter Rd., Albany, to Katelynn Rowe, $125,500.

C&K Investment and Management Company, Inc., dwelling, 4425 Bates Rd., Athens, to Charles and Diane Sinclair, $155,000.

The Wilson Living Trust, dwelling, 17.2 acres at 6666 Long Run Rd., Athens, to Donald and Andrea Pepper, $47,500.

Jeremiah and Lisa Nelson, dwelling, 11 Roxbury Dr., Athens, to Kristin Schuller and Alan Schultz, $255,000.

Anona Wheeler and Thomas Greene, dwelling, 32 Pine Grove Dr., Nelsonville, to Bryce and Katie Kesterson, $141,000.

Alice Rogers and Thomas J. Rogers, Jr., dwelling, 7958 Floyd Dr., The Plains, to Beth and Malcolm Modrzakowski, $192,000.

Kristin Schuller and Alan Schultz, dwelling, 6600 Ervin Rd., Athens, to Christina Dillon, $220,000.

Joshua Snider and Emily Marcus, dwelling, 8387 Steinmeyer Rd., New Marshfield, to Joshua Lahman and Taylor Lahman, $90,000.

Corey Arnold, dwelling, 52 Spring St., Glouster, to Melany Schoolcraft, $79,000.

Luar Romero; dwelling; 35 Woodward Ave., Athens; to Bryce Bates, Todd Bates and Staci Bates; $126,000.

Sean Keiffer, dwelling, 4610 Bessemer Rd., Nelsonville, to Jacob and Breigh Blake, $142,500.

Judith Goodpaster, dwelling, 11882 Wemmer Rd., Glouster, to Daniel McKee and Nancy McKee, $15,000.

Cristy McKown and John McKown, dwelling, 13858 Kimberly Dr., Nelsonville, to Michael James, $110,000.

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