Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Lewis E. Gillian, Jr., dwelling, 26021 Windy Lane, Coolville, to Larry A. Buck and Kecia D. Buck, $180,000.

Robert L. Adams and Mary Lou Adams, mobile home, 29319 East Belpre Pike, Coolville, to John A. and Mary A. Riley, $170,000.

Karen D. Matteson, dwelling, 15330 Ruth Road, Guysville, to Larry W. Blythe, $102,000.

Barbara L. Bolin, land, 29003 Gaston Road, Albany, to Steven and Lisa Sedwick, $7,000.

Gina D. Burgess, dwelling, 329 Oak Street, Nelsonville, to RMBS REO Holdings, LLC, $3,334.

Nathan A McCray and Melissa A. McCray, dwelling, 8 Woodshire Court, Athens, to Paulette G. Sumney and Robert J. Sumney, $353,000.

Shaun Gentner and Shaley Gentner, nka Ashley Storts, dwelling, 8590 LAvelle Road, Athens, to Ivan Richard Casillli and Melinda Rae Casilli, $445,000.

Lynn T. Holtzman and Brenda S. Holtzman, dwelling, 26 Farhills Drive, Athens, to Devin A. Widdoes, $152,000.

Breston LLC, dwelling, 13 Andover Road, Athens, to Bonni M. Stump, Thomas J. Stump, and Breston LLC, $123,250.

Rodney A. Smith and Karen L. Follrod, et. al., dwelling, Smith Road, Coolville, to Karen L. Hiehle, $164,000.65.

K.T. Crossen Post No. 21, American Legion, Inc., land, 0 W. Union Street, Athens, to Athens Real Estate Co., $120,000.

Stonegate Land, LTD, dwelling, 4636 Brandeberry Rd., Coolville, to Rex A. Whited, $17,500.

Edward Baum, dwelling, 20 Sunnyside Drive, Ahens, to Michael W. Litten, $230,000.

Herbert Jacobs, Administrator of the estate of Lowell M. Jacobs, dwelling, 11 West Hills Drive, Athens, to Courtney L. Kessel, $95,000.

David Drake, land with burned building, 22344 Route 13, Glouster, to David Hughes, $15,280.

Scott L. Hooper, dwelling, 166 E. State Street, Athens, to Richard R. Heck, Jr., $55,000.

Toby Xianyu Li, dwelling, 8 Canterbury Drive, Athens, to Lonnie Cooper, $185,000.

Ronald Pearson and Mellisa R. Pearson, mobile home, 22061 Brister Road, Coolville, to Alice J. Lyday, $31,800.

Drydock Coal Company, land, Route 685, Buchtel, to Daniel W. Sullivan, $180.

Dorothy Poling, aka Dorothy Horne Poling, aka Dorothy Mae Poling, dwelling, 1 Poling Ave., Nelsonville, to Suzan Micllef and William Henson, $84,900.

James G. Vaughan and Sandra Vaughan, dwelling, 19201 Route 329, Glouster, to Ricky A. Riley and Merillea J. Riley, $162,000.

Robert D. Rhyan, dwelling, 4995 Enlow Road., Athens, to Jason Cassarty, $211,000.

Henry R. Laroche, land, 6751 Hunterdon Road, Glouster, to Mark D. Semingson, $900.

James D. Dawley and Carol J. Dawley, 108 Jefferson Street, Nelsonville, to Robert Rhyan, $51,000.

Khudr I Shaar, dwelling, 2 Ball Drive, Athens, to Ethan Doerr and Briana Doerr, $190,000.

Carla K. Kraus, fka Carla K. Bailey, dwelling, 7100 Angel Ridge Road, Athens, to Shannon L. Richmond, Trustee, $63,000.

Earl Rutter (deceased), dwelling, 86 E. Main Street, Glouster, to Robert Lee Andrews and Misty Dawn Andrews, $7,000.

Norah Seipel, dwelling, 6415 Pleasant Hill Road, Athens, to Michael J. Carnahan, $95,500.

U.S. Bank Trust, n.a., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, dwelling, 649 Washington Street, Nelsonville, to Robert I. Manley and Sandra L. Manley, $43,500.

Gaiser Enterprises, LLC, dwelling, 21-23 Main Street, The Plains, to Zion Ventures, LLC, $119,000.

Carolyn M. King and Crystal F. Kynard, dwelling, 17 N. Shannon Ave., Athens, to Shelley C. Gruendler, $207,000.

Gaiser Enterprises, dwelling, 7 Main Street, The Plains, to Zion Ventures, LLC., $114,000.

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