Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Joseph Burns, dwelling, 9365 Five Points Road, Athens, to Lindsey Rudibaugh, $208,000.

Joseph Wessinger, dwelling, 24 Hickory St., Athens, to Joshua and Sandra Radcliff, $68,500.

Joseph N. Koker, executor of the estate of Timothy Koker, deceased, dwelling, 250 Saint Charles St., Nelsonville, to Kami Yeager and Rebecca Lyon, $195,000.

Joshua James Holding LLC, property, Long Run Road, Athens, to Marie Funez, $14,500.

Cranberry Row, LLC, 15 W. State St., Athens, to O’Betty’s Red Hot!!, $110,000.

Bradley Sayre, property, Lot 15, Sections 7 and 8, Trimble Twp., Jacksonville, to Anita Coffman, $6,000.

Roger Brown and Bonita Brown, dwelling, 13733 Liars Corner Road, Millfield, to Jody Brown and Karl Brown, $125,000.

Harold Dean Woodburn, Kenneth Woodburn, Patricia Frost and Martha Bickle, dwelling, 6 N. Shannon Ave., Athens, to Colleen Carow, $150,000.

William Harbert, executor of the estate of Minchen Jiang Vickers, dwelling, 107 E. First St., The Plains, to Robert Poore, $120,000.

Laura Dukes, dwelling, 8955 Route 144, Stewart, to Levi Karl Lackey, $15,000.

Jim Edward Lee, Jr., dwelling, 290 Columbus St., Nelsonville, to John Riffle II and Misty Riffle, $30,000.

Ruben De Oliveira and Junia De Oliveira, dwelling, 21 Castle Run Road, The Plains, to William Finnearty II and Julie Finnearty, $108,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Inc., 48 Connett Road, The Plains, to Stephen Hodgson, $86,500.

Angelia Hanning, dwelling, 7741 LeMaster Road, Athens, to Morgan Delay and Dexter Delay, $145,000.

Sonsdes de LaCalle, dwelling, 255 E. State St., Athens, to Carrie Gilbert, $260,000.

Tami Dingess and Michele DeNight, dwelling, Archer Road, Guysville, to Seven Generations, LLC, $99,000.

Toby Wyckoff, dwelling, 1950 Mineral Road, New Marshfield, to Alfred Wells and Linda Wells, $21,200.

Nathan Thomas Schaller and Lindsay Rose Schaller, dwelling, 7087 Cameron Road, Athens, to Earl Schaad and Coti Schaad, $449,500.

Jacob Carl and Tari Carl, dwelling, 7334 Lemaster Road, Athens, to Patrick Ward and Alicia Boggs, $194,000.

Melanie Johnson and Marek Samblanet, dwelling, 73 Converse St., Chauncey, to Baileys View LLC, $55,000.

Joseph Karoscik and Donna Karoscik, condominium, 15 S. Shafer St., Unit 1510, Athens, to Sidra Sohail, $50,000.

Scott Blower and Crista Blower, condominium, 15 S. Shafer St., Unit 2105, Athens, to Michele Lyons and Jeffrey Lyons, $110,000.

James McNeill, dwelling, 28 North St., The Plains, to Teena Thorton, $141,000.

Betty Ann Schaeffer, executor of George Burgess, deceased, manufactured home, 23637 Lightner Road, Guysville, to Jonni Lou Coler.

David Arnold and Betty Arnold, dwelling, 27695 Cincinnati Ridge, Coolville, to Darrin Walker and Lisa Walker, $120,000.

Athens Real Estate Company, dwelling, 41 Walker St., Athens, to Bonnie Perry and Christopher Michael, $172,500.

James White and Phyllis White, property, Brown Road, Athens, to The Athens Real Estate Company, $15,000.

Russell Jones, dwelling, 4191 Enlow Road, Athens, to Gregory Williams, $231,000.

Garrett Karr, dwelling, 7034 Woodmere Drive, Athens, to Joy Strickland, $149,000.

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