Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Ruth Mather and Paul Wiehl, dwelling on 20.53 acres, 3525 Pleasant Hill Road, Athens, to Delvin and Autumn Guthrie, $115,000.

Donald Nething, dwelling, 188 Monroe St., Chauncey, to Cynthia Riggs, $71,500.

Jill Newstate, dwelling, 8075 Williams Road, Athens, to Amber Young, $138,000.

Bryan Grooms and Sarah Gerlach, dwelling, 9065 Echo Lane, Athens, to Melissa Davies, $163,500.

Sheets Properties LLC, dwelling, 3317 Matheny Road, Nelsonville, to Timothy Sheets, $53,000.

Karmat Development LLC, dwelling on 8.89 acres, 9810 Stone Road, Athens, to Daniel and Renee Secoy, $131,500.

Anna Longo, dwelling, 269 E. State St., Athens, to Bilal Urkmez, $255,000.

Harry and Kay Reeves, 2.66 acres, 5904 State St., Albany to David and Gwenette Brooks, $37,500.

Athens Rental Properties LLC, dwelling, 11723 Channingway Blvd., The Plains, to Whitney Allen and Ashley Allanson, $160,000.

Turf Rentals LLC, dwelling, 28 S. Congress St., Athens, to CodeRett LLC, $920,000.

Turf Rentals LLC, dwelling(s), 30 and 32 S. Congress St., Athens, to CodeRett LLC, $700,000.

Jayne Vail, 29 Curtis St., Athens, to Richard and Jessica Trask, $125,000.

Patricia Brenneman, trustee, dwelling(s), 30 and 32 S. Congress St., Athens, to Turf Rentals LLC, $700,000.

Harold Smith, condominium, 8800 Johnson Road, The Plains, to Izella Warner, $170,000.

Jayde Wright, dwelling, 7085 N. Blackburn Road, Athens, to Melissa Bacon and John Welton, $315,000.

Alexander and Peter Couladis, 441 acres, E. Scatter Ridge Road, to The Athens Conservancy, $1.15 million.

Hettie Reed, dwelling, 47 Rock St., Coolville, to Larry Dillon, $15,000.

Matthew and Anita Evans, dwelling, 302 Altamonte Drive, Athens, to Debra Seyfang, $136,000.

Larry and Mary Jo Bycofski, dwelling, 20 New St., Glouster, to Betty Chiki Kopchak, $45,000.

Shane and Kelli Jordan, dwelling on 6 acres, 7550 Meadowbrook Road, Albany, to Ryan and Kimberly Hoover, $271,000.

Fred and Leona Pennington, 5.14 acres, Sand Ridge Road, Guysville, to Johnathon and Kari Pennington, $5,000.

Rick Matulja, dwelling, 6945 Cornell Road, Athens, to Shawn Wooten, $149,000.

David and Michelle Godek, dwelling, 9978 Alderman Road, Millfield, to Mary Jo and Kenneth John Terrell Sr., $28,000.

Jacob and Lara Householder, dwelling, 48 Mound St., Athens, to Andrew Shackelford, $92,000.

Jeffrey and Lois Hatfield, dwelling on 5.52 acres, 7100 N. Coolville Ridge Road, Athens, to Debra and Lorinza Hunter, $300,000.

Orion Ventures LLC, 1.33 acres, Old Peach Ridge Road, Athens, to Jason Stoner, $45,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corp., dwelling, 1288 Vanderhoof Road, foreclosure, to Zachary and Kayla Vanmatre, $89,900.

Dennis and Amanda Graham, 8.77 acres with building(s), 2677 Bailey Road, to Jason Gardiner and Candice Hanning, $199,900.

Pasquale Merullo, 30.75 acres, Wood Road, Albany, to Annaliese and Max Norris II, $52,500.

Jennifer and Stephen Shadik, dwelling, 126 Lamer Drive, Athens, to Brian Koscho and Sherri Oliver, $236,250.

Marilyn Sue Foster, dwelling, 15044 E. Scatter Ridge Road, Athens, to Michael Dyer, $40,000.

Brian Koscho and Sherri Oliver, dwelling, 26 Maple St., Athens, to Emily Votaw and Bradley Schwab, $123,800.

Thomas and Angela Gibbs, dwelling, 49 Sunnyside Drive, Athens, to Kyle Barlow and Sierra Peoples, $260,000.

Christopher Guder, dwelling, 481 Richland Ave., Athens, to Sarah and Kevin Meade, $108,500.

Ann Harris St. Pierre, apartments, three units, 8 Putnam Drive and 89 Mill St., Athens, to Wharton Properties III LLC, $900,000.

Mickey and Heather Cozart, dwelling, 10 Birge Drive, Chauncey, to Alyster White, $100,000.

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