Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

David and Joyce Martin, dwelling, 8938 Five Points Road, Athens, to Heather Fuston, $152,250.

John Nadeau and Rosemary Nagy, dwelling, 3 Banbury Drive, Athens, to Gary and Virginia Wright, $259,500.

Phillip Kittle, dwelling, 8699 Chase Road, Albany, to Willem and Helena Kleynhans. $220,000.

Andrew Conner, land, 6059 Frost Road, Coolville, to Shawn and Angela McKenna, $16,000.

Emily and William Ryan III, dwelling, 20 Walnut Court, Athens, to James Strode, $339,000.

Ofer Eliaz, dwelling, 10 Northwood Drive, Athens, to Kristine Taylor, $220,000.

Steven Locke, 40 acres, Archer Road, Athens, to Laura Ballor, $24,200.

Bruner Land Co., 8.51 acres, Carthage Twp., to Robert and Trina Davis, $27,900.

U.S. Bank Trust NA, trustee, dwelling, 65 Saint Charles St., Nelsonville, to William Eyerman, $21,255.

Wendy Calaway, dwelling on 12.03 acres, 1213 Garden Hill Road, Guysville, to David Tudor, $128,000.

Bruce and Sharon Abbott, dwelling, 474 Adena Drive, The Plains, to Robert Boling, $185,000.

George Harley Jr. and Anna Oksanen, dwelling, 134 Grosvenor St., Athens, to Neal Mohr and Savannah Freeman, $119,000.

Tonya Hamlet and Robert Johnson II, manufactured home, 6746 Coolville Ridge Road, Athens, to Monte and Rebecca Davenport, $38,000.

Jared and Jessica Swanson, dwelling, 293 E. State St., Athens, to Brian and Charla Johnson, $225,000.

Bryant and Jamie Noble, dwelling, 8128 Vore Ridge Road, Athens, to Johnna and Richard Matuoja, $200,000.

Melynda and Donald Whiting II, dwelling on 6.08 acres, 14990 Wolfe Bennett Road, Nelsonville, to Derek Johnson, $124,900.

Shanda Kaaz, dwelling, 27 Braun St., Glouster, to Ashley Romines, $55,000.

Arthur Turkette, dwelling, 11 Setty Road, Albany, to Keith and Kim Tompkins, $160,000.

Athens Auto Co. LLC, dwelling(s), 10 Lash St. and 5 Kern St., Athens, to University Rentals JRD LLC, $390,000.

Erik and Sarah Nykl, condominium, 247 W. Union St., Athens, to James Underwood, $92,000.

Linsey Hugo, dwelling, 6000 Radford Road, Athens, to Michael and Angelia Deddens, $245,000.

Robert Erdy Jr., dwelling, 3 N. Third St., Jacksonville, to Eric and Rachel Clift, $13,000.

Athens Auto Co. LLC, dwelling, 85 W. State St., to University Rentals 3 Corp., $330,000.

Ervin’s Dairy Farm, dwelling on 24 acres, 6265 Pleasant Hill Road, Athens, to Kenneth Dobo, $168,000.

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