Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Ralph Davis, dwelling, 9-11 Lancaster St. and 69 W. State St., Athens, to John Wharton, $373,000.

Matthew and Cassandra Goodwin, dwelling, 8524 Salem Road, Athens, to Michael and Whitney Fetty, $188,000.

Skyline Acres LLC, dwelling, 6455 Route 33 and 6476 Pleasant Hill, Athens, to Tanya Conrath and Matthew Sweeney, $250,000.

Tricia McDonald, dwelling, 4715 Bessemer Road, Nelsonville, to Zachary Bateman, $70,000.

Michael Hess II, dwelling, 7 Fairview Ave., Athens, to Kelly Ferguson, $179,900.

Michael Brooker, Robert Brooker and Carol Suzanne Stalder, dwelling, 954 Burr Oak Blvd., Nelsonville, to Flynt Smathers, $130,000.

Faith Bible Church of Southeast Ohio, Inc., dwelling, 22222 Varner Road, Guysville, to Mike McPherson and Tiffany McPherson, $67,500.

Betty Ann Schaeffer, manufactured home, 23476 Lightner Road, Guysville, to John Young and Anna Young, $277,500.

Robert Morris and Patricia Morris, dwelling, 28678 Torch Road, Coolville, to Jonathan Wayne Graham and Melissa Ann Graham, $65,000.

Doris J. Ford, property, 3040 Reedsville Road, Coolville, to Timothy Ford and Austin Ford, $90,000.

Jillian Cochran, dwelling, 31 E. 1st St., The Plains, to John Hall, $121,000.

Charles Cunningham, dwelling, 20 Monroe St., to Robert Grim, Glouster, $30,000.

Teresa Keirns and Kenneth Keirns, property, .144 acre tract in Waterloo Twp., to David Matheny and Renee Matheny, $500.

The Glenn D. Chesser Trust, property, .51 and 1.00 acre lots in New Marshfield, to Selena Hawk, $18,500.

Nora McColley, dwelling, 20990 Main St., Stewart, to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, $8,000.

Eric Bremeakamp, manufactured home, 4072 Center St., New Marshfield, to Rebecca Steenrod, $17,200.

Jamie Conkel, administrator of the estate of Penny Lynn Hickman, dwelling, 167 Myers St., Nelsonville, to Dawn Melosh, $40,000.

Rho Beta of Theta Tau Housing Corp, dwelling, 28 and 34 S. Shafer St., Athens, to Campus Edge Rentals LLC, $150,000.

Ronnie Lee Wells, property, 7.127 acres on Mineral Road, New Marshfield, to William Loftis, $21,750.

Alton Tenney and Anna Tenney, 10776 Pleaston Road, Athens, to Barry Dwayne Bobo II, $14,820.

Certified Real Estate Inc., commercial, 1269 Canal St., Nelsonville, to Danny Simms, $14,000.

Shannon Sheridan and Julie Ann Sheridan, dwelling, 17 N. Fourth St., Jacksonville, to Kacey Cruse, $91,750.

Kenneth Dean and Karen Dean, dwelling, 59 N. Lancaster St., Athens, to Scott Hunter, $40,000.

Kristen Cornwell, dwelling, 28 Northwood Drive, to Sheila Mark, $430,000.

Connie Vale and Timothy Erwin, manufactured home, 30 Roy Ave., The Plains, to Tina Chesser, $24,000.

Neil Perin, 11995 Pedigo Ridge Road, New Marshfield, to Amelia Jenne, $80,000.

Daniel O’Shaughnessey and Cara O’Shaughnessey, dwelling, 36 Westfield Place, Athens, to Mark Gleason and Gabriela Castaneda Gleason, $153,500.

Monica Sue Burleson, dwelling, 20199 Clara Ave., Albany, to Richard and Gail Applebee, $78,000.

Paul Shovlin and Amy Mangano, dwelling, 48 Carol Lane, Athens, to Laurence Lucas and Linda Lucas Revocable Living Trust, $145,500.

Montle LLC., dwelling, 1 Terrace Drive, Athens, to Shaun Hecker, $92,500.

Sharyn Yulish, dwelling, 144 Grosvenor St., Athens, to Linh Tran, $83,000.

Leroy Purvis by PSO, dwelling, 603 Jackson St., Nelsonville, to U.S. Bank, trustee, $19,000.

Matthew and Kimberly Booth, dwelling, 5075 Factory Road, Albany, to Dustin and Amy Golsberry, $165,000.

Virginia Gotham, dwelling, 25 N. Liberty St., Amesville, to Stanley Schaar, $80,000.

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