Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

William Buckley and Patricia Buckley, dwelling, 11499 Dowler Ridge Rd., New Marshfield, to Jesse McKee Jr., $70,000.

Robert Montle and Patrice Montle, dwelling, 2323 Dutch Ridge Rd., Guysville, to Dustin Ulbrich, $190,000.

John Hendrix, Cynthia Hendrix and Thomas Hendrix, dwelling, 1480 Vanderhoof Rd., Coolville, to Maxwell Carnahan and Gabrielle Hendrix, $170,000.

Colby Brown and Erica Brown, dwelling, 6895 Selby Rd., Athens, to Chris Innis and Darleen Innis, $313,400.

Carol Patterson, dwelling, 13 Fairview Ave., Athens, to Thomas Hanlon, $10,000.

Wingett Builders LTD, dwelling, 00 Mace Drive, Albany, to Tyler Hendrix, $28,000.

Robert Dewy and Jamie Dewey, dwelling, 8006 McGur Rd., Guysville, to Nicholas Frank and Katherine Ernst, $146,500.

James and Marcella Maynard, dwelling, 9741 Route 685, Millfield, to Black Bear Holdings, LTD, $252,300.

Hoon Inc., dwelling, 14 Old Peach Ridge Rd., Athens, to Seth Thomas and Amanda DeWees, $295,000.

Nelsonville Homes LTD, apartment, 900 E. Canal St., Nelsonville, to New Nelsonville Homes LTD, $1,274,802.

Gene Roy Cline and Adda Yvonne Cline, dwelling, 5960 Rossetter Rd., Athens, to Amy Allman and Jeremy Allman, $185,000.

Carey Busch, dwelling, 15191 Wollett Rd., Nelsonville, to Forest Hills Lodging LLC, $150,000.

Larry Bailey and Edna Bailey, land, Hudnell Rd., Alexander Twp., to First Choice Property Acquisitions LLC, $2,589.77.

Joseph Desko and Kathy Desko, dwelling, 5181 David Lane, Albany, to Kevin and Shyanne Waller, $224,000.

Kevin Waller, dwelling, 1377 Fisher Rd., Albany, to Mark Metts II, $252,500.

Brad Spickard and Amanda Spickard, dwelling, 6781 Beechwood Dr., Athens, to George Tanner, $87,500.

William Reid, dwelling, 119 Wyngate Ct., The Plains, to Sheri Duerst and Dannelle Corrigan, $170,000.

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