Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values

Tena Thompson, 5.16 acres on Jacksonville Road, Millfield, to Allen P. Jonas, $62,500.

Sylvia J. Abbott, Ellen D. LeTourneau, et al., 53 Morris Ave., Athens, to Daniel J. Lyne and Donna B. Lussier Lyne, $160,000.

William S. Loftis, 2209 Mineral Road, New Marshfield, to Lore W. Long and Justin D. Keeling, $625,000.

Robert E. and Sharon L. Horel, trustees, 6655 Brown Road, Athens, to Robert. B Horel, successor trustee, exempt.

Lance Russell, deceased, 11555 Swett Hollow Road, Millfield, to Christopher R. and Lacy B. Russell, $14,000.

Carrol A. Riley, 35 W. First St., The Plains, to Marjorie A. Morrison, exempt.

Timothy J. Moore and Mary Christine Schloss, 2245 Shade Road, Guysville, to Cyrus Moore, exempt.

Mindy Brudno and Fredrick W. Stanton, 126 E. 1st St., The Plains, to Shaina L. Meadows, $165,000.

Christopher D. and Molly A, Roach, 13674 N. Peach Ridge Road, Athens, to Christopher J. Vinyard and Jocelyn A. Ohlemacher-Vinyard, $432,000.

Traci Lynn Oberg and Jackson Everett Connor, 1.04 acres on Kimes Lane, Athens, to Reginald and Mary Anunobi, $35,000.

Samantha S. and Andrew W. Weiland, 14 Briarwood Dr., to Carl David Russell II and Matthew Galvano, $245,000.

Nick N. Shilatz, 2187 Seminary St., Coolville, to Stacey and Shane Timothy Wright, $240,000.

Vyasan, LLC, 15. S. Shafer St., Unit 706, Athens, to Intelliwave Networks, LLC, $100,000.

Joseph H. Berman, 52 Charles St., Athens, to Lynda F. Berman, exempt.

Marsha R. Griffith, 2741 Baker St., Coolville, to Jeremy Miller, $6,700.

Vanessa Hindebaugh, 0 Church House Road and 21988 Oakdale Road, Glouster, to Bradly Vore and Sierra Shust, $4,500.

Brian Dunnells, Leah Dunnells, Erin Cavinee and Daniel Cavinee, 874/872 Walnut St., Nelsonville, to Johnathan Allison and Tiffany Murray, $110,000.

Gregory A. and Rebecca J. Patton, 5911 Rhoric Road, Athens, to William J. and Paula Cooper, $79,000.

Chase E. Koker and Hunter K. Wilson, 9218 State Route 685, Glouster, to Aaron Wickman, $144,000.

Janet M. Williams, 41 W. Main St., Jacksonville, to Max K. Hooper, $125,000.

Athens County Land Reutilitzation Corporation, 189 Ashton Ave., Nelsonville, to Mark F. Call, exempt.

Jeffrey Allen Lehman, 646 Cherry St., Nelsonville, to Trisha Pitre, $10,000.

Richard A. Winter Sr. and Linda D. Winter, 25890 Main St., Coolville, to Lakota Adelsperger, $125,000.

Zoltan L. Krompecher and Tina A. Gallo Krompecher, 32 First St., Athens, to Christy and Emma Lyons, $125,000.

Betty Hixon, 12655 Strouds Run Road, Athens, to Jerrika D. Swart, $60,000.

Rex and Teresa Rathburn, 79, 0 and 89 High St., Glouster, to Athens County Land Reutilization Corporation, exempt.

Guy Dearing et al., 87 High St., Glouster, to Athens County Land Reutilization Corporation, exempt.

Sylvia J. Gilders, 42 May Ave., Athens, to Gregory Gilders, et al., exempt.

Reginald D. and Renea P. Morris, 122 University Estates Blvd., Athens, to Christopher D. and Molly A. Roach, $420,000.

Ann Shelton Ping Venable, trustee, 8800 Johnson Road, Unit 113, The Plains, to Wiliam Charles Culp, trustee, $278,000.

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