Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Gary Edwards and Jane Ann Edwards, property, Madison Street, Nelsonville, to Edward T. Pettet, Trustee of T&T Trust, $10,000.

Kenneth Willoughby and Mona Willoughby, dwelling, 5721 E. Clinton St., Albany, to Sandra Rehl, $157,500.

James Dyer and Mary Dyer, dwelling, 17644 Bobo Road, Guysville, to Megan Westervelt and Josue David Arteaga Torres, $257,500.

Hal Byram and Julia Hale Byram, dwelling, 217 W. Washington St., Nelsonville, to Jill Sanders, $183,000.

Alton Tenney, Anna Tenney and Barry Bobo II, property, 10776 Pleasanton Road, Athens, to Barry Bobo Jr., $5,190.

Wells Fargo Bank, dwelling, 1 N. Summit St., Glouster, to Patricia Hogue, $7,000.

Jennifer Bush Hernandez, dwelling, 13612 N. Peach Ridge Road, Athens, to Joseph Lucas, $185,752.

Robert Erdy Jr., dwelling, 7400 Route 685, Glouster, to John Lawrentz and Staci Lawrentz, $435,000.

Betty Woodie, 24454 Brimstone Road, Coolville, to Melissa McClung, $40,000.

Ryan Weisner and Mary Gleason, 192 Jefferson St., Nelsonville, to Timothy Swanson, Sheryl Swanson and Gladys Wood, $104,000.

Robert Jarvis and Jessica Jarvis, dwelling, 17561 Sylvania Ave., Nelsonville, to Scott McCarty, $164,500.

Margaret Jackson, dwelling, 60 Mill St., Chauncey, to Samantha Stlul and Phillip Scholl, $15,000.

Paul Bound, property, Slab Road, Shade, to Frank Cargould and Elaine Cargould, $7,500.

Kimberly Castor, dwelling, 12675 Rich Lane, Athens, to Traci Ervin, $153,800.

ABG Capital, Inc., dwelling, 2 Hemlock Drive, Athens, to J. Andrew Studniarz and Noel Davis, $430,000.

Tusco Forestry, property, Brimstone Road, Coolville, to Mary Anne Yoder, $18,324.

Reid Dupler and Josie Dupler, dwelling, 12650 Lake Lane, Athens, to Kimberly Castor and Woodser Rouse, $240,500.

Patsy Brownell, dwelling, 24 S. High St., Glouster, to Joe Lucas, $17,000.

Richard Polomik, property, Jewell Hollow Road, Stewart, to Brian Alkire, $7,500.

Barbara Bishop, dwelling, 439 W. Franklin St., Nelsonville, to Gerald Adkins III and Dorothy Adkins, $47,500.

Jan Merich, dwelling, 7071 Luhrig Road, Athens, to Nathan Lowien and Sheila Whiteley, $110,000.

David Butcher and Rosetta Butcher, pair of cabins, Route 329, Stewart, to Robert Murphree, $60,000.

Christopher McClellan and Kathryn Hawk, co-administrators of the estate of Donald McClellan, dwelling, 8315 Hunterdon Road, Glouster, to Thomas Bowser, Constance Bowser and Joseph McClain II, $19,000.

Brian and Kirsten Ritchie, dwelling, 6878 Route 356, New Marshfield, to Stephen and Mary Lyons, $49,000.

Ronald and Patricia Tyson, dwelling, 23108 Jordan Run Road, Coolville, to Gary Sealey Jr. and Shaya Sealey, $20,000.

Brandon Terry, dwelling, 9218 Route 685, Glouster, to Chase Koker and Hunter Wilson, $80,000.

Jeffrey Searles, dwelling, 1438 Route 56, New Marshfield, to Stephanie Hartman, $49,900.

M & C Shelton Family Limited Parternship II, dwelling, 562 Frederick St., Nelsonville, to Ashley Arter, $38,000.

DGC Properties LLC, dwelling, 5141 Marietta Ave., Buchtel, to Makinsey Patton, $80,000.

Pawnee Precast, industrial, 25745 Cemetery Road, Coolville, to Flat Creek Development LLC, $750,000.

Kevin Morrison, 24289 Dixon Road, Coolville, to Chip Wilfong, $2,000.

Kay McCormick, 176 acres off of Jacksonville Road, Jacksonville, to Agri Soils Ltd., $133,544.

Craig Cottingham Trust, 176 acres off of Jacksonville Road, Jacksonville, to Agri Soils Ltd., $66,772.

Joseph Collins, dwelling, 15 S., Shafer St., to Jason and Julie Bowers, $97,500.

HSBC Bank USA, dwelling, 8363 Morris Road, Albany, to Meghan Honert, $79,000.

Gary Richards and Kori Richards, dwelling, 28 Barbour St., Glouster, to Mary Lewis, $10,100.

James Rufus Flannery, deceased, dwelling, 1733 Route 124, Coolville, to Steve Flannery, $21,000.

Deward Mayles, David Mayles, Peggy Price, Patrick Mayles, Penny Ford and Tim Mayles, dwelling, 16016 Hooper Ridge Road, Millfield, to Patrick Mayles, Penny Ford, Timothy Mayles and Diana Mayles, $51,000.

Michael Williams and Lea Cramer, dwelling, 6250 Shelley Drive, Athens, to Robin Todhunter, $75,000.

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