Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Cathleen and Gene Imbody, dwelling, 15550 Coolville Ridge Road, Athens, to Colton James, $60,000.

Wayne and Julie Myles, dwelling, 15255 Shade Road, Guysville, to Robin and Gary Oliver, $350,000.

Estate of Jessie Crawford Essex, dwelling, 39 Morris Avenue, Athens, to Keith Macartney, $150,000.

Joshua Turner, dwelling, 19260 Young Road, Guysville, to Mark Schloss, $134,500.

Floyd and Kathy Nibert, dwelling on 8.74 acres, Frost Road, Rome Twp., to Michael and Sharon Kennedy, $45,000.

Sean Keiffer, dwelling, 413 W. High St., Nelsonville, to Mary Lewis, $50,000.

Kenny and Angie Handa, dwelling on 5.38 acres, 13150 Spice Lick Road, Nelsonville, to Darrel and Peggy Lehman, $139,000.

Jessica and Jacob Hagman, dwelling, 9303 Bassett Road, Athens, to Charles and Margaret Linnevers, $130,000.

Lifepoint Pentecostals of Athens, 2.62 acres for home construction, Blackburn Road, Athens, to Barry and Ashley Blankenship, $1,000.

Bryan and Harmony Wharton, dwelling, 109 University Estates Blvd., Athens, to Jena Tenoglia, $565,000.

Mara Holt, dwelling, 38 Maplewood Drive, Athens, to Peter Mather, $177,000.

Ohio Franklin Realty LLC, 40.57 acres, Troy Twp., to Jeffrey Stimmel and others, $81,143.

Shreeji Motel Inc., land with building (Super 8 motel), 2091 E. State St., Athens, to JAI Shree Ganesh LLC, $2.35 million.

Alexander Couladis, trustee, and Alexander and Nancy Couladis, 59.23 acres, Lodi Twp., Athens, to SSFES LLC, $250,000.

Atlas Ventures LLC, lots 113 through 127, University Estates Phase II, Athens, to Howard & Lawson Ltd., $245,000.

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