Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Audrey Milliron, dwelling, Church House Road, Glouster, to Oakdale Church of Christ Inc., $20,000.

Richard and Teresa Vest, dwelling, 10115 New England Road, Stewart, to Derek and Janelle Cogar, $120,000.

Anthony and Julia Fahrion, trustees, dwelling, 16 Coventry Lane, Athens, to Sumit Sharma and Khyali Malik, $249,000.

Home Opportunity LLC, dwelling, 19606 Plum St., Trimble, to Chestnut EQ R6 LLC, $765.01.

Courtney Porter (Vogt), dwelling, 8 and 8 1/2 E. First St., The Plains, to Ian and Shilin Cai Umberger, 183,000.

Jay and Wendy Monroe, dwelling, 1355 Hebbardsville Road, Albany, to Brion Withrow, trustee, $185,000.

Nighat Aziz and others, dwelling, 13 Pine Grove Drive, Nelsonville, to AAT Investments LLC, $30,000.

Paul and Mary Beth Brown, dwelling, 2733 Bailey Road, Albany, to Weston and Marianne Dunn, $214,000.

Hilarie Bry Crowell 1967 Education Trust, dwelling, 58 S. Shannon Ave., Athens, to John and Matthew McGushin, $143,000.

Ashley Patton and Benjamin Patton by Ashley Patton his attorney in fact, dwelling, 6511 Locust Lane, Athens, to Amanda and Michael Smith, $190,000.

Darrell and Jane Erwin, manufactured home(s), 33 and 35 Roy Ave., The Plains, to The Rinaldi Family Trust, $31,000.

Mark Gordon and others, dwelling, 11330 Rosewood Lane, Athens, to Rob and Jessica Jarvis, $198,000.

Mark Gordon and others, dwelling, 11330 Rosewood Lane, Athens, to Rob and Jessica Jarvis, $198,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSb, as trustee, dwelling, 68 Mill St., Chauncey, to Jennifer Young, $39,000.

Alfred and Linda Wells, dwelling, 1976 Mineral Road, New Marshfield, to Adam and Sharon Loukx, $155,000.

Wheaton Family Trust, Billy Wheaton and Rebecca Daugherty-Wheaton, 101.13 acres, Jordan Run Road, Coolville, to Thomas Brock, $215,000.

Davis and Karrie Hanning, dwelling, 106 Franklin St., Nelsonville, to Maria Buckalew Sommers #3 LLC, $7,800.

Tusco Forestry LLC, 5.1 acres, Route 144, Troy Twp., to Joel Lynch, $22,500.

Scott Weston, dwelling, 26 E. Third St., The Plains, to Erika and David Fay, $68,500.

Donald Marvin Borchert and Mary Ellen Borchert Living Trust, dwelling, 9 Coventry Lane, Athens, to Neil Romanosky, $320,000.

James and Alison Pratt, dwelling on 5.03 acres, 4432 Bates Road, Athens, to Steve and Shiree Warner, $260,000.

Gloria Kellenberger and others, dwelling, 195 Beal Road, Athens, to Barbara and James Hines, $114,667.

Chia-Ching Wang, dwelling, 28 Blick Ave., Athens, to Christin Fanelli and Beverly Hanlin, $161,000.

Brandon Carter, dwelling, 9153 Route 78, Glouster, to Nathaniel VanNest, $72,500.

J.J. Jacobs Developing Ltd., commercial buildings, 105 N. Plains Road, The Plains, to Carl Fouts III, $270,000.

Timothy Peterson, property, 0 Kincaide Road, Athens, to Rebecca Wood, $36,500.

Castle Pines Properties LLC, condominium, 24 Castle Run Road, The Plains, to Michael and Wendy Rogers, $107,000.

Audrey McAfooes, dwelling, 28 Republic Ave., Glouster, to Reda Mae Collier, $74,747.

Riley and Alexandra Stewart, dwelling on 7.1 acres, 2190 Blackburn Road, Coolville, to Corey Burton and Autumn Proffitt, $122,500.

Carl and Rebecca Beyer, dwelling, 143 Grosvenor St., Athens, to Taylor Tackett, $139,900.

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