Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

John Hartley, dwelling, 415 Adams St., Nelsonville, to Uriah Creamer, $4,200.

Sandra Hunter, William Gwilym Jr. and Sharon Sikorski, dwelling, 10400 S. Poplar Drive, Glouster, to Scott Auflick, $10,000.

John Factor, Sheila Factor, John Oliver and Ruth Oliver, 24277 and 23245 Dixon Road, Coolville, to Elizabeth Jones, $275,000.

Andrew Chorazewitz and Keri Chorazewitz, dwelling, 7799 McGurr Road, Guysville, to Robert Dewey and Jamie Dewey, $390,000.

Lorraine Myers, successor trustee of the Lorraine Myers Trust, dwelling, 43 Strouds Run Road, Athens, to Cyril Halbert and Cynthia Halbert, $285,000.

Terrill Eiler and Lyntha Eiler, 8611 Lavelle Road, Athens, to Christina Baird and Timothy Baird, $375,000.

Dean Dupler, trustee of the Dupler Irrevocable Gifting Trust, dwelling, 17 Tenth St., Jacksonville, to Clinton Augustine, $95,500.

Estate of Ruth Ann Brown, dwelling, 3 Lexington Ave., Chauncey, to Deborah Gibson, $58,000.

Judith Wymer and Jonathon Wymer, dwelling, 20 Jones Drive, Athens, to Carey Busch, $149,900.

Michael Reeve, 26.3 acres of land on Coe Road, Albany, to Paul Stewart and Stephanie Stewart, $100,000.

Richard Elliott, dwelling, 4225 Coe Road, Albany, to Paul Stewart and Stephanie Stewart, $340,000.

Rachel Kerr, dwelling, 134 Wyngate Court, The Plains, to the revocable trust of Phillip and Jill Perkins, $179,000.

Robert and Jamie Dewey, dwelling, 6844 Locust Lane, Athens, to Renaissance Rentals LLC, $155,000.

Joyce Cagg and Janet Cradlebaugh, dwelling, 185 Edwards St., Nelsonville, to Victoria Thomas and Jacob Thomas, $15,000.

Charles Mills, lot #495, Smoke Rise Subdivision Map 1, to Mark Semingson, $900.

Renaissance Rentals, LLC, dwelling, 5232 Townsend Road, Athens, to Kenneth Bolen and Jennifer Bolen, $120,000.

Timothy Vance, dwelling, 12466 Rainbow Lake Road, Athens, to Richelle Jose and Bruno Jose, $120,000.

Terry Swank, executor for the estate of Carol Ann Elgin, deceased, 503 Alamonte Drive, Athens, to Dawn Scali, $134,000.

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