Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Rebecca Irwin, dwelling, 1687 Morton Ave., Albany, to Alicia Taylor, $140,000.

Kerby Holmes, manufactured home, 5999 Torch Road, Little Hocking, to Carl Maston, $22,250.

Rozela Sheltz, deceased, manufactured home, 5999 Torch Road, to Carl Maston, $22,500.

Kenneth and Sue Ellen Ferguson, dwelling, 5011 Townsend Road, Athens, to Charles and Noelle Malloy, $148,000.

Debra Scott, dwelling, 21 Pomeroy Road, Athens, to Crystal Brooks, $73,000.

Virgil and Tammy McLain, dwelling, 4165 Wilson Road, Athens, to Michael Munn, $200,000.

Charles Wadley, dwelling, 17 Lexington Ave., Chauncey, to Philip Armstrong, $38,200.

Robert and Linda Seidel, dwelling, 4755 N. Torch Road, Coolville, to Jeanne Moore, $159,900.

Timothy and Jaime Rice, dwelling, 5 Elizabeth Drive, Athens, to Paul Wenzel, $97,000.

Athens County sheriff, dwelling, 70 Westfield Place, to Ibriham Alassaf and Areej Ahmed, $204,000.

Dennis and Teresa Jayjohn, dwelling, 24 Broad St., Glouster, to Marion Pruy and Timmie Burrows, $79,000.

Francis McFadden, dwelling, 9305 Hooper Road, Athens, to Travis Everett and Qarnissa Fletcher, $147,000.

Marilyn Keplar, dwelling, 137 Pine Grove Drive, Nelsonville, to Michael and Tiffany Milane, $194,500.

Irene Sebek, dwelling, 5850 Fox Lake Road, Athens, to James and Deborah Reardon, $245,000.

Judith Antle and Darla and Daniel Pallante, by Judith Antle as their attorney in fact, dwelling, 140 Lamar Drive, Athens, to Frances Niese, $160,000.

Paul and April Davis, dwelling, 407 Four Mile Creek Road, Coolville, to Jamie and Cora Tuttle, $349,900.

Norman and Shawna Bickley, dwelling, 15907 Millfield Road, Millfield, to Joseph Brehm, $52,000.

William and Vickie Elliott, dwelling, 9190 Route 691, New Marshfield, to Ryan and Katherine Elliott, $110,000.

Paul and Michelle White, land, 5255 Frost Road, Coolville, to Scott Marion, $25,500.

Stephen, Eric and D. Scott Brooks and Vickie Cochran, land, Carroll Road, Athens, to Gerlin Properties Ltd., $12,500.

Rishi Real Estate Nelsonville Plaza LLC, commercial property, 488-489 E. Canal St., to 488-489 Star LLC, $420,000.

Secretary of HUD, dwelling, 20 High St., Chauncey, to Paul and Rebecca Blunt, $27,520.

Matthew and Jill Harris, dwelling, 4999 Baker Road, New Marshfield, to Wendy and Seth Callaway, $175,000.

Neil and Leatha Matters, dwelling, 2822 Eighth St., Coolville, to Peggy and Joseph Carpenter, $70,000.

David Clark, dwelling, 1450 Carpenter Road, Albany, to Noah Morgan, $48,000.

Soho Rentals LLC, dwelling(s), 175 N. Congress St. and 37 Woodyard Ave., Athens, to Do What is Right LLC, $305,000.

Brian Dennis, dwelling, 9 Atkins St., Glouster, to Nicole Seals, $2,000.

Michael and Rebecca Hargraves, property, 49 Pomeroy Road, Athens, to Kay Rhyan, $152,200.

Irfan and Selda Kanat, dwelling, 123 Louise Lane, Athens, to Daniel and Courtney Hill, $219,500.

Betty S. Enlow Trust, Enlow Trust, Lee Luster Enlow Trust and trustee Connie Schneider, dwelling, 7434 Selby Road, Athens, to Wayne Smith, $127,500.; Twitter @SteveRmessenger

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