Note: This story appears in the Sunday, July 7 newspaper on Page A3.

An agreement under which Athens County 911 will accept rollover 911 calls from Meigs County was approved Tuesday by the Athens County Commissioners.

Lt. Aaron Maynard, interim director of Athens County 911, said the agreement will allow Meigs County 911 to meet state standards.

“You need to have two folks on duty. If you don’t you have to have a rollover system in place that will forward 911 calls that aren’t able to be picked up in the mandated time frame,” Maynard explained. “They don’t have a rollover system and they don’t have two bodies on duty.”

Maynard said he doesn’t expect the Athens County system will get rollover calls from Meigs County very often.

“We’re looking at less than five calls a month that we would get and transfer right back to them,” Maynard explained. He pointed out that Meigs County has about 12,000 911 calls per year, whereas Athens County receives about 45,000 per year.

The contract approved Tuesday is for one year.

“We agreed on a one-year agreement to make sure that everything is working, it’s in place and is what we thought it was,” Maynard said. “We’re excited to be able to work with them; they’re certainly excited to meet the state requirements, because if they don’t they lose their wireless dollars and for them that’s $90,000 toward their 911 system.”

Wireless money comes from a state surcharge placed on cell phone bills.

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