Among 14 townships in Athens County with at least one trustee spot up for election this year, just four had contested races on Tuesday.

Those townships were Ames, Rome, Troy and York.

In Ames Twp., there was an full term available and an additional unexpired term up for grabs. Incumbent trustee Lyle Fuller was the winner of the full term, defeating challengers Kevin Brown, Mark Jordan and Gary Richards.

Trustee Brent Kasler was elected to the unexpired term set to end Dec. 31, 2021, defeating challenger Brian Hines.

In Rome Twp., John L. Young Jr. won a trustee seat over Gary Tino McVey. Both were candidates vying for a first term.

In Troy Twp., Matt Miller won a five-way race for one available seat. He defeated Charles Glenn Lantz Sr., Leroy Guess, Dave Conkey and Donald Welch. Welch had been the incumbent.

In York Twp., Ronnie Wend II unseated incumbent Mike Freer to become trustee.

There was one contested fiscal officer race in all of Athens County — in Lee Twp.

Two candidates sought their first term as fiscal officer, with Carolee King prevailing over Roger Bail.

A number of township trustee and fiscal officer candidates were elected in uncontested races.

Those winning trustee candidates included Robert Sickels (Alexander), Ted Linscott (Athens), Brian Baker (Athens), David Bennett (Bern), Russell Halbirt (Canaan), Ranson Calaway (Carthage), Christopher Russell (Dover), Stacy Gwinn (Lee), Denver Lee Jordan (Lodi), Geoffrey Moore (Trimble) and William Gould (Waterloo).

Winning fiscal officer candidates included Judy Ellis (Alexander), Brenda Cox (Athens), Denise Tate (Bern), Leesa Gilders (Canaan), Gayle Buckley (Carthage), Jonetta Niggemeyer (Lodi), Willard Dunfee (Rome), Tia Barrett (Trimble), James Neal Ford (Troy) and Kimberly Russell (Waterloo).

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