Wayne National Forest

Pictured is the Wayne National Forest headquarters near Nelsonville.

A recent oil and gas lease sale involved the auctioning of Wayne National Forest land in Monroe County to out-of-state energy companies.

The federal Bureau of Land Management announced the results of the Sept. 12 auction. In total, 14 parcels of land in Monroe County, ranging from 1.25 to 119.5 acres, were bid upon. In combination of bid amounts, royalties and various feeds paid, the cost for this forest land was $1,325,662.

Last week’s sale also included land in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Winning bids were made by energy companies based in Texas and Pittsburgh.

In a news release announcing the oil and gas lease sale, the Bureau of Land Management said the sale was conducted “in keeping with the (Trump) Administration’s goal of promoting America’s energy independence.”

The Bureau reported that money paid is distributed between the federal government and the state of Ohio. Leases are reportedly awarded for 10 years “and as long thereafter as there is production of oil and gas in paying quantities.”

BLM also has a scheduled coal lease sale for Sept. 25 for seven federal tracts of land in Perry and Morgan counties. This involves around 433 acres of Wayne National Forest land containing a reported 1.4 million tons of “sub-surface mineable federal coal.”

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