Note: This story appears in the Thursday, Oct. 3 newspaper on Page A3.

A state watchdog agency has found that grant funds were inadequately overseen by another state agency at Ohio University, as well as other higher education institutions in the state.

The Ohio Inspector General’s office reviewed $245,000 in grant funding awarded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

The investigation found that OU spent this research funding in correct accordance with the grant’s proposal and agreement.

However, it also found that the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation “did not adequately implement financial policies and procedures to monitor the award and spending of the grant funds.”

The Bureau was also found to be creating and submitting invoices on behalf of OU, contrary to the requirements of the grant agreement.

The Inspector General’s office made its investigation findings public on Tuesday and recommended 11 measures to strengthen the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensations internal control systems. The Bureau has 60 days to report back on how it plans to implement those 11 changes.

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