Kayla Allbaugh

Kayla Marie Allbaugh

Update: Allbaugh was arrested Friday, according to Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn

An inmate at The Southeast Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ) was unaccounted for after receiving a furlough for medical treatment, The Nelsonville Police Department said she checked herself out of the hospital and did not returned to the jail.

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said Friday that Kayla Marie Allbaugh was arrested in Haydenville, in Hocking County.

The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office located Allbaugh hiding inside of a residence on Laurel Run Road. Allbaugh was arrested and transported to the Nelsonville Police Department for processing. Allbaugh was then transported and booked into the SEORJ on active warrants.

Officers also arrested and transported Joshua Rutter to SEORJ on charges pertaining to the Obstruction of Justice.

In a video attached to a release, Allbaugh appeared to jump off the second-floor balcony of a prison block and falls to her feet below on Tuesday, Jan. 19. She was then given a medical furlough and was transported to Grant Hospital in Columbus, the release stated.

Allbaugh then apparently checked herself out of the hospital, and did not return to SEORJ as detailed in the furlough. Blackburn said Thursday information suggested she had returned to the Nelsonville area.

SEORJ Deputy Warden Jeremy Tolson said the jail received a furlough for Allbaugh from the Athens County Court of Common Pleas on Jan. 20, transported her to the hospital for treatment, at which point Tolson said Allbaugh was outside the SEORJ’s “jurisdiction and realm.”

“We would hold custody of her until we have legal documentation releasing her,” Tolson said. “She would’ve had to follow the court order which is a furlough upon being released. We don’t retain custody of the individual.”

Nelsonville Police Chief Scott Fitch said the SEORJ never contacted the city to let them know they would be transporting a prisoner to Columbus for medical treatment.

He added he believed it was evident the injury was not real and that it was an escape attempt.

“Furlough or not, it was obvious the woman was faking her injury,” Now she’s running around completely healthy.”

Fitch also said he wasn’t sure why the SEORJ wouldn’t remain with the inmate until they were medically cleared to be returned to jail.

“It’s them not wanting to be accountable for their inmates – because that’s easier,” Fitch said.

Fitch expressed his frustration that Allbaugh was allowed without supervision, and said he may consider sending her to another jail.

“I’m a little hesitant that if they’re going to let her go, maybe (we will) try another jail that will keep her,” Fitch said.

Blackburn said he has been trying to encourage the SEORJ to take more action to reduce the number of people jumping from the second-floor balcony in an attempt to get out of the jail.

“I have tried and tried and tried to make it a priority,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn said it is unfortunate many in the clutches of addiction see injuring themselves to get out as the only way to satisfy their addiction.

He added he expects a grand jury to indict Allbaugh for escape.

“You can get short term satisfaction if you want, but were going to find you,” Blackburn said. “And it’s just going to be 10 times worse for you.”

Allbaugh was the subject of a joint narcotics investigation between the Nelsonville Police Department and the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office since the Summer of 2020, a press release states

On Jan. 18, 2021 Allbaugh was apprehended by the NPD and booked into the SEORJ. Judge George McCarthy placed a $100,000 bond with no 10% allowed on Allbaugh.

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