The Meigs Golf Course is hosting a free 2020 Junior League competition during the summer.

The rounds will continue on Thursdays until July 9.

The tee times are 9 a.m. for 17-19 year olds, 9:30 a.m. for 14-16 year olds, 10 a.m. for 11-13 year olds and 10:30 a.m. Registration is 15 minutes prior to tee time.

Competitors will play 9 holes, double bogey pickup (if they aren’t on the green in double bogey, they will pick their ball up, place it on the front of the green, then putt no more than 4 times). Players must putt with the flag stick in (there is a spacer in the bottom of the cup, so they will be able to get their ball out without touching the cup or flag stick.)

Players and spectators are encouraged to continue to adhere to social distancing. Food will be provided for the players after they golf.

If the league would need to be cancelled due to weather, an update will be posted on their Facebook page, or call the course.

Spectator carts will be available for $10

The course will be closed on these morning and will reopen to the public at noon.

For more information, contact Tom E. Cremeans (304) 675-0091 or the Meigs Golf Course (740) 992-6312.

Results from the second meet are as follows:

Boys 17-19

Wyatt Nicholson (Middleport), 45; Ben Pratt (Athens), 41; Tyson Smith (Athens), 41; Whit Byrd (Pomeroy), 38; Matthew McDonald (Athens), 42; Dalton Skinner (Athens), 48; Connor Truax (Albany), 49

Girls 17-19

Haley Pierson (Leon, W.Va), 46

Boys 14-16

Nathan Shadik (Athens), 37; Brennen Sang (Point Pleasant, W.Va), 50; Connor Ingels (New Haven, W.Va.) 41; Caleb Pierson (Leon, W.Va.), 56; Ryan Perry (McArthur), 67; Landon McGee (Pomeroy), 53; Landon Atha (Albany), 49; Sam Huston (McArthur), 56; Joe Milhoan (Point Pleasant, W.Va.), 44; Tanner Lisle (Racine), 48; Ethan Short (Pomeroy), 43; Zack King (Pomeroy), 60; Weston Higginbotham (Point Pleasant, W.Va.), 59

Boys 11-13

Wyatt McCune (Tuppers Plains), 56; Hunter Miller (New Haven, W.Va.) 59; Nate Harris (New Haven, W.Va.), 63; Gunner Cleland (Racine), 55; Riley Cotterill (Rutland), 54; Noah Leachman (East Letart), 50; Elijah Grady (Point Pleasant, W.Va), 47; Timmy Russell (Racine), 63

Girls 11-13

Ali Norris (Racine), 57; Katie Caldwell (Racine), 77; Sydney Stout (Syracuse), 56; Bailey Smith (Letart, W.Va.) 64

Boys 10 and under

Porter Midkiff (Middleport) 66; Landon Cundiff (Salem Center), 68; Case Dettwiller (Pomeroy), 69; Blake Justice (Pomeroy), 78; Jeremiah Martin (Middleport), 67; Asa Cleland (Pomeroy), 72; Noah Will (Pomeroy), 73; Reed Fowler (Pomeroy), 65; Greyson Duvall (Racine), 67

Girls 10 and under

Ella Caldwell (Racine), 80; Emma Leachman (East Letart), 75; Brooklyn Smith (Letart, W.Va.) 75.

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