Another step was taken on Thursday toward getting high school athletes back on the playing field.

Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced that the state will allow skill training for all sports on May 26. Schools will be permitted to have in-person training across all sports.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association was able to lift a no-contact period for the sports of non-contact sports in baseball, golf, softball, swimming & diving, tennis and track & field per Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision last week.

Now, the rest of the OHSAA’s sports will be able to get back on the court, or on the field.

“While the plans for the school year in the fall are still being discussed, we do know that skills training and conditioning for student athletes is important to start now,” Husted said during Thursday’s coronavirus press conference. “Proper training and conditioning are not only essential for skill development, but they can also properly condition athletes to reduce their risk for injury.”

Weight training and conditioning are included in the skills training. It will be up to each school if they open their facilities on May 26, or on a later date.

The OHSAA tweeted on Thursday that guidances will be sent to member schools on how to proceed.

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