The Southeast Ohio Academic baseball team was recently announced. Any sophomore, junior or senior that has started 70 percent of games or pitched in 25 percent of games, excluding the 2020 campaign, were considered.

Player must be in top 50 percent of class, have an ACT score of 19 or higher, or an SAT score of 900 or higher. GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Lucas Foglesong, Adena; Emmitt Cunningham, Adena; Luke Chapman, Alexander; Dalton Skinner, Alexander; Conner Truax, Alexander; Preston Truax, Alexander; Drew Harris, Alexander; Isaac York, Alexander; Jack Cornwell, Athens; Rece Lonas, Athens; Andrew Stephens, Athens; Nate Trainer, Athens; Finnegan Mitchell, Athens; Peyton Gail, Athens; Daniel Haller, Chillicothe, Connor Jones, Circleville; Cade Burton, Circleville; Adam Cunningham, Circleville; Jake Bell, Circleville; Ian Wiles, Winchester Eastern; Ethan Daniels, Winchester Eastern; Zach Gallant, Winchester Eastern; Andres Vargas, Winchester Brown; Dylan Born, Beaver Eastern

Nathan Hoffman, Fairfield Union; Wyatt West, Fairfield Union; Gavin Rowland, Fairfield Union; Cade Groce, Fairfield Union; Luke Gornall, Fairfield Union; Josh Tipton, Fairfield Union; Garrett Looney, Fairland; Kyle Rankin, Fairland; Brennen West, Fairland; Tyler Pontius, Logan Elm; Jared Harrington, Logan Elm; Alex Barber, Lynchburg-Clay; Cory Cox, Meigs; Cole Arnott, Meigs; Landon Acree, Meigs; Trey Hettich, Miller; Colby Bartley, Miller; Hunter Dutiel, Miller; Nathan McCormick, Minford; Brayden Davis, Minford; Elijah Vogelsong, Minford

Mikey Seel, Nelsonville-York; Mitchell Keplar, Nelsonville-York; Ethan Thompson, North Adams; Colby Bunn, North Adams; Evan Whalen, North Adams; Anthony Wylie, North Adams; Cameron Young, North Adams; RJ Taylor, North Adams; Cade Meade, North Adams; Seth Meade, North Adams; Connor Galloway, Piketon; Jack Workman, Portsmouth; Michael Duncan, Portsmouth; Jaden Jessee, Portsmouth Clay; Clay Cottle, Portsmouth Clay; Caleb McNutt, Portsmouth Clay; Cade Powell, Portsmouth West; Cade McNeil, Portsmouth West; Austin Arnett, Portsmouth West; Brennan Bauer, Portsmouth West; Jared Opperman, Portsmouth West; Luke Howard, Portsmouth West

Andrew Campbell, Sheridan; Zack Wright, Sheridan; Christopher Brison, Sheridan; Jesse Gillenwater, Sheridan; Ben Walls, South Point; Nick Smith, South Webster; Braden Martin, South Webster; Aidan Andrews, South Webster; Ryan Payne, Ironton Saint Joseph; Greg Bryant, Ironton Saint Joseph; Izsak Unger, Ironton Saint Joseph; Jackson Rowe, Ironton Saint Joseph; Max Weber, Ironton Saint Joseph; Elijah Rowe, Ironton Saint Joseph; Michael Mahlmeister, Ironton Saint Joseph; Cameron Kittle, Trimble, Conner Wright, Trimble; Jack Nagucki, Trimble; Landon Wisor, Trimble; Nate Keiser, Unioto; Caleb Sparks, Unioto; Jonathan Kelly, Unioto; Cameron DeBord, Unioto; Carson DeBord, Unioto; DC Dailey, Unioto

Kurt Taylor, Warren; Thomas Miller, Warren; Evan Gandee, Warren; Brett Gandee, Warren; Brock Morris, Washington Court House; Tyler Tackage, Washington Court House; Owen Mullins, Washington Court House; Hugh Silberman, Washington Court House; Bryce Tackett, Waverly; Ragen Davis, Waverly; Rico Rohn, Waverly; Ben Flanders, Waverly; Derek Eblin, Waverly; Rylan Molihan, Wellston; Garrett Patton, Wellston; Hunter Cardwell, Wellston; Zane Kingsolver, West Union; Alex Kirsch, West Union; Brycen Staten, West Union; Trey Bogart, Whiteoak; Kyler Emery, Whiteoak; Zach Harless, Whiteoak; Camden Farley, Zane Trace; Lane Larson, Zane Trace; Camden Larson, Zane Trace; Kody Haubeil, Zane Trace.

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