COVID July 31

Athens County has been downgraded to orange Level 2 on the Ohio Public Alert System. Athens had sat at red Level 3 for two weeks.

Gov. Mike DeWine made the announcement during his COVID-19 press briefing on Thursday afternoon.

The Athens City-County Health Department released a statement regarding the change, stating that the daily increase in cases, new cases in non-congregate settings, emergency room visits and and outpatient visits were some of the reasons why the county stayed on “red alert” for so long.

“Athens County status as an orange alert level 2 confirms that we still meet 2-3 indicators and citizens should continue to exercise a high degree of caution,” the statement reads.

The Health Department encourages community members to continue best practices when it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing protocols and frequent hand-washing are still necessary.

“These actions will be part of our everyday activities for the foreseeable future. Consistently including these habits of good health into daily routines will be the best we can do at preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the Health Department said.

Despite the downgrade on the state alert system, the statewide mask mandate is still in place, so masks continue to be required when in public spaces barring exceptions previously reported by The Messenger.

In Athens County, we now have 339 total cases of COVID-19 and one death dating back to March. Currently, there are 84 known active cases and 254 recovered cases of COVID-19 in Athens County.

Of the 339 cases, 336 have been confirmed with a test and three have been given a clinical diagnosis. There have been 18 hospitalizations.

Statewide there are 91,189 total COVID-19 cases in Ohio, and 3,489 deaths.

In Athens County there have been 27 cases aged 0-19, 229 aged 20-29, 28 aged 30-39, 15 aged 40-49, 16 aged 50-59, 15 aged 60-69, six aged 70-79, and three cases aged 80+.

In Athens County, 173 of the cases are female and 166 are male.

In the counties surrounding Athens, the confirmed cases stand at:

  • Washington – 192
  • Morgan – 17
  • Perry – 100
  • Hocking – 106
  • Vinton – 29
  • Meigs – 23
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