Kids are happy. In there natural state children tend to be happy and their happiness rubs off on others. That’s why it’s a good idea for adults to have kids in their lives.

Early childcare facilities, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, gyms, fitness centers, and athletic leagues were the latest industries to receive reopening dates during Gov. Mike DeWine's daily press conference on Thursday afternoon. 

Childcare facilities will be able to reopen on May 31, so long as the facilities follow newly established guidelines. 

"Our goal is simple, to do everything we can to protect the children in childcare and their families," DeWine said. 

Leading up to this announcement, the state formed a Early Childhood Advisory Council. The council worked to discuss best-practices for childcare centers and to determine what is best for the opening of childcare. 

"Moving forward childcare is going to look different," DeWine said.

Beginning on May 31 childcare facilities will have a reduced number of children in each classroom. There will be a maximum of nine children per classroom for preschool and school-aged children, and a maximum of six children for infant aged classrooms. Additionally extra cleaning will be implemented. 

"Cleaning is the word of the day," Advisory Council Chair Joni Close said. Close is the president of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cantonal. She was brought in to discuss the changes that facilities will have to make.

The full guidance for the facilities will be posted on, among the changes will be cleaning toys after each use. Increased hand-washing for both caregivers and children. Daily temperature checks for children when they arrive at the facility and zero field trips. 

Close encourages parents to begin more frequent hand-washing with children at home to help them adjust to changes they will face. 

In addition to childcare, announcements were made regarding the BMV, gyms, fitness centers, athletic leagues and public swimming pools – all of which will be able to reopen on May 26. Official guidance and changes will be available on sometime today or tomorrow. 

Lastly horse racing will be allowed to begin again on May 22, though spectators will be prohibited. 

This story will be updated when the guidance is made available. 

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