A new after-school program is debuting at Trimble Elementary/Middle School called KATS — Kids Achieving Tomcat Success.

Note: This story appears in the Sunday, Oct. 13 newspaper on Page A1.

GLOUSTER — A grant funding Kids on Campus in two area school districts was not renewed this year, but the Trimble Local School District has come up with a replacement after-school program.

Kids on Campus is a partnership between Ohio University and local districts. It serves at-risk children and their families through funding from the Ohio Department of Education. However, funding was not renewed this school year for the Alexander and Trimble school districts.

Administrators at Trimble jumped into action to find another way to help their students, as many young Tomcats do not have another option for after-school care.

“We did not find out funding had been lost for Kids on Campus until the start of the school year,” said Jamie Taylor, the Trimble Elementary/Middle School principal. “Our administrative team immediately started conversations about what we could realistically do to offer some type of program to provide extra support for our students. We wanted to take some time to plan for a program that would truly benefit our students’ academic needs.”

To that end, the school has created KATS — Kids Achieving Tomcat Success — an after-school program for kindergarten through 3rd grade students that will focus on phonics, reading intervention and homework help.

The free program will run Monday through Thursday until 5:30 p.m. each of those days.

Funding is provided through the Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center and Student Wellness and Success funds.

The program begins next Monday, Oct. 14; it is limited to 45 students, and a wait list will be implemented.

Taylor said the program will be a great help for students, filling in “achievement gaps” and providing support to help the students succeed. Attendees will also receive a small snack and bus transportation home.

Taylor is hopeful the program will help the K-3 attendees with their schoolwork.

“Having a program like this helps to fill achievement gaps and provide those extra supports to ensure student academic success,” she said. “In addition, having the program center around our K-3 students helps to prepare students in making progress towards meeting the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.”

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